Present government is ensuring land for the Rich : Siddaramaiah

Slamming Modi’s dispensation, Siddaramaiah said there was a struggle going on between dictators and protectors of democracy


Bengaluru: Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah said then Chief Minister Devaraj Urs brought a law that ensured land to the tiller. In contrast, the present government was trying to ensure land for the rich, we will never allow such a bill to get realized.

He was addressing the Aikya Horata  (United Struggle) launched by farmer, Dalit, and labours organisations at Freedom Park in Bengaluru on the second day of the monsoon legislature session. The earlier law enacted in 1974 had ensured land to the tillers while there was also a ceiling on agriculture landholding. However, the ruling dispensation was bringing sweeping changes that eased the restriction on buying agricultural land that will lead towards the return of zamindari system to the forefront.

Earlier there the agriculture sector provided huge income, unlike industries and service sectors. Subsequently, there was a contrasting change and now there is a scenario where all the sectors are yielding the least revenue for which he held the unscientific policies of Modi’s government responsible.

The small and marginal farmers were turning into mere laborers while measures should be taken to restrict such changes. While expressing his solidarity with the agitation launched by progressive organizations, he alleged that the policies of the present government will render small farmers into landless laborers.

Slamming Modi’s dispensation, Siddaramaiah said there was a struggle going on between dictators and protectors of democracy. The Modi government was trying to suppress voices of dissent and questioned the suspension of eight parliament members representing the upper house.

The opposition party would not allow the passing of the bill that would snatch the lands of the farmers. We would also not allow the tabling of the bill in the upper house where the ruling party does not enjoy a majority. He called upon opposition party legislators including the Janata Dal (Secular) should strongly oppose this move of the government.

The land rights also belonged to farmers, labours and Dalits, and poor should also have land ownership rights – he asserted.

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May 2024


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