Postcard Kannada exposed yet again for uploading false, fabricated contents

Postcard Kannada is a repeat offender in making and spreading fake news . After being exposed, the content was deleted from the website.

Postcard Kannada, a web portal run by rightwing elements known for giving false and fabricated news has once again spread venom against religious minorities.

This time the portal had published and shared highly objectionable content about Muslim women. But Varthabharti media house has proved that the news is fake news with facts.

Interestingly, the moment the portal was exposed, deleted the content from its website.

In the post that was carried by the portal, a woman name Fatima Qureshi of Mumbai was referred to saying-

‘Islam considers women as machine for delivering children. We are quitting Islam and embracing Hinduism. We will be marrying Hindu men, and then we will neither be afraid of Talaq nor of Halala. Jai Shri Ram”.

The portal further added that with the picture of a woman that, “ Islam treats women as object of fun. Because of this, Muslim women are turning to Hinduism”, the portal claimed.

About two weeks ago, one such poster got viral in social media in Hindi. Later, Postcard used the same picture and translated the Hindi matter into Kannada and added some more lines before posting it.

But the website got exposed during the fact check conducted by various other portals.

While searching the picture using the reverse image option in Google, it was found that the woman whose picture is posted, is actually Mariam Khalique and not some Mumbai based Fatima Qureshi.

During further checking of facts, it became clear that Mariam was a teacher of Nobel prize winner of Pakistan, Malala Yusafzai. The picture of Mariam was posted by Global Education Monitoring (GEM) on its website on September 20, 2013.

The picture was captured when Mariam was delivering a speech on the importance of giving education to girls, at a programme held in New York. The picture also carried a caption with the name of Mariam, mentioning the place and the event. The credit for the photo has been given to a photographer called Rick Bjornas.

The same article has been carried out by the United Nations in its website for girls’ education. Further, the video has been uploaded on the official website of the UN.

While the video has been deleted from the postcard Kannada website, it is unfortunate that thousands of people follow the website. They often tend to believe that the matter posted by the website is true. These gullible people are not aware of the fact that the website is giving them false news and spreading lies.

It is an earnest appeal of our website to conduct a fact check about any content posted by the portal postcard. Do not become prey to the venom that the portal is spewing.


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April 2024


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