Two videos have surfaced from the Pataudi Mahapanchayat that happened in Pataudi, Haryana. There were calls for killing of Muslims and abduction of Muslim women. Prominent among these were the speeches made by Karni Sena chief Suraj Pal Amu and of Rambhakt  Gopal.

Rambhakt Gopal is the man who opened fire and shot a Jamia student last year during the anti-CAA/NRC/NPR protests, has made a reappearance at the communally charged Mahapanchayat in Pataudi Harayana.

The Panchayat took place on July 4th, organised to discuss religious conversions, “love-Jihad”, and the population control law.

He made a speech at the gathering, beginning with the chant, “Jai Shri Ram”, and concluding by calling for all Muslims to be attacked.

He also chided Hindu men for not being able to ‘kidnap’ Muslim women and bring them into the Sanatana Dharma fold. “Do you not have an iPhone?” he said. “Do you not have big cars? If they can pick up your sisters then why can you not get one of them?”

Other speeches in the Mahapanchayat had similar Islamophobic sentiments. Karni Sena president and BJP leader Suraj Pal Amu also delivered Muslim hate speech at the same mahapanchayat.


“Agar desh ke andar itihaas banana chahte ho, itihaas banna nahin hai, itihaas banana hai, na Taimur paida hoga, na Aurangzeb Babar Humayun paida honge, hum sau crore hain, aur wo bees crore hain. (If you want to make history in the country, if you don’t want to become history, neither will Taimur be born, nor will Aurangzeb, Babur, or Humayun be born. We are 100 crore, and they 20 crore.)”- BJP Haryana Spokesperson Suraj Pal Amu

Sural Pal Amu had earlier stoked controversy by allegedly endorsing communal lynchings in a mahapanchayat in Haryana’s Indri.

Amu also targetted late cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and his son and actor Saif Ali Khan for indulging in inter-religious marriages.

No FIR has been registered against Ram Bhakt Gopal and Suraj Pal Amu or the organisers of the programme so far.

On 30th of January last year, Ram Bhakt Gopal marched into a protest against the CAA outside of Jamia’s campus, with a pistol in hand. He fired the pistol, saying, “Yeh lo azadi”, with the Delhi police present, just a short distance away. One of the students was injured.

Not much information was available on the attacker, except his name. His face would often blurred and name left out, in news about the incident. He was declared a minor and sent to 28-day protective custody in a correctional facility by the Juvenile Justice Board in January. There was hardly any information on the legal details of his case, which was carried out in an extremely secretive matter.

Over a year later he has resurfaced, making violent speeches against Muslims, to large audiences with no fear of arrest or accountability.

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December 2023


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