Nemawar: Thousands of Adivasis Protest Against the Murder of Five Adivasis by Rajputs

The tribal rights group have alleged sexual violence in the case and demanded a CBI probe in the matter.

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Thousands of people belonging to various Adivasi communities gathered at Nemawar in the BJP ruled state of Madhya Pradesh on Sunday to protest against the murders of five Adivasis by men from the Rajput community. The protest gathering demanded strict police action against the accused.

On June 29, the state police found the dead bodies of the five victims buried as deep as 10ft in the agricultural land of a local Rajput landlord and main accused in the multiple murder case, Surendra Rajput in Nemawar. Reports mention that the accused had covered the dead bodies in urea and salt to speed up the decaying process. The victims included women and children who had gone missing since May 13 and were only discovered after a police investigation that continued for over a month since a complaint about the missing family was filed with the police. Seven accused namely Surendra Rajpoot, his younger brother Virendra Rajpoot, Vivek Tiwari, Rajkumar, Karan Korku, and Rakesh Nimaur have been arrested by the police.

Since the discovery of the heinous crime masses and various rights organisations have been protesting all across the state demanding justice and a fair trial for the family of the victims.

Members of Jay Adivasi Yuva Shakti Sangathan (JAYAS) submitted a memorandum addressed to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan to the police station in-charge, Rohit Kachhawa, and Naib tehsildar in Dhar district on July 1, The Free Press Journal reported. The tribal rights group have alleged sexual violence in the case and demanded a CBI probe in the matter.

Police have informed that the main accused Surendra Rajpoot continued using the mobile phone of one of the women victims and posted fake social media updates about her safety to avoid suspicion.

Meanwhile, the main opposition party Indian National Congress has accused the ruling BJP of safeguarding the main accused based on his associations with the ruling party.


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