Showing their resentment against the three laws, farmers have banned the entry of BJP-JJP leaders and workers in over 60 villages in Haryana.

Residents of many villages in the state have also passed resolutions calling for a boycott of ministers and MLAs of the BJP-JJP as thousands of farmers from across the nation continue to protest against the contentious legislation. The resolutions were passed primarily by villagers whose constituencies are served by the leaders of the BJP-JJP.

Farmers have put up hoardings at different entry points and have threatened the BJP and JJP leaders and staff that if they enter the village, they will be responsible for the consequences.

Aherwan, Bhani Khera, Talwara, Bara, Sidhani, Dhani Babanpur, Kamana, and Lamba are among the villages in Fatehabad to implement the ban. Residents have also installed billboards and banners against the ruling party leaders in many of these villages.

In Hisar, residents of at least 17 villages, while declaring a social boycott of Deputy Assembly Speaker Ranbir Gangwa, prohibited the entry of all politicians.

Jind’s Sarv Khap (an umbrella of 14 Khap communities) has already announced that deputy CM and JJP leader Dushyant Chautala and Hisar MP Brijendra Singh will be socially boycotted for supporting the BJP government. The Loharu village of Bhiwani district, served by Minister of Agriculture JP Dalal, barred his entry into its villages.

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The leaders of the BJP and JJP have faced angry protests outside their residences by farmers. In addition, four or five JJP MLAs have openly expressed support for the proposal of farmers to revoke the new agricultural laws of the Centre. While Khattar has said that all 90 Harayana MLAs want rapid resolution of the issue of the tillers, in the 90-seat Assembly, the BJP is in a precarious alliance with JJP.

For the past 50 days in Delhi, where thousands of farmers have set up camps demanding the full removal of farm laws, the Modi government has been faced with severe agitation. On Tuesday, before further orders were issued, the Supreme Court suspended the enforcement of the three laws and set up a four-member committee to hold talks and resolve the stand-off between the farmers and the Centre.


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February 2024


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