Muzaffarnagar Kisan Mahapanchayat: Farmer Organisations Launch Mission UP

SKM said that the Mahapanchayat of September 5 will make the Yogi-Modi governments realize the power of the farmers, farm labourers, and supporters of the farm movement.

By yesterday evening, around 2 lakh farmers have arrived Muzaffarnagar to attend the Kisan Mahapanchayat which will be held today in GIC ground.

On 5th September, With the Muzaffarnagar Kisan Mahapanchayat, Samyukt Kisan Morcha will launch its Mission Uttar Pradesh -Uttarakhand. The mission is to spread the farmers movement all over these states against the anti-farmer BJP, for repeal of 3 anti-farmer laws, withdrawal of Electricity Amendment Bill 2020, and to fulfill the demand for legal guarantee of purchase at MSP at one and a half times the comprehensive cost for all agricultural products

Every hour around 10,000 farmers are arriving at Muzaffarnagar. This includes farmers from 15 states. There is food ad shelter arrangement of the farmers at nearby villages.

SKM said that the Mahapanchayat of September 5 will make the Yogi-Modi governments realize the power of the farmers, farm labourers, and supporters of the farm movement.

The Kisan Mahapanchayat will also prove that the 9-month-long farm movement under the leadership of the SKM has the support of all castes, religions, states, classes, small traders and all sections of the society.

SKM has said that the Muzaffarnagar Mahapanchayat will be the biggest ever in the last nine months.

500 langar services have been started for arranging meals for farmers, including mobile langar system run by hundreds of tractor-trolleys. Taking care of te medical needs of the farmers attending the Mahapanchayat, 100 medical camps have also been set up.

SKM has especially appealed to the citizens of Muzaffarnagar and adjoining districts to take out time to participate in the Mahapanchayat tomorrow on 5th September and assist the farmers coming from outside.

The Mahapanchayat will be addressed by all the prominent leaders of the Samyukt Kisan Morcha. Programs for the campaign in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, as well as important announcements related to the Bharat Bandh, will be announced in the Mahapanchayat.

Punjab farm unions give a deadline of 8th September for Punjab government to withdraw false cases against peaceful protestors

Commencing 3 months before the start of the farm movement on the borders of Delhi on 26 November 2020, 32 farm unions of Punjab have been running the movement at the grassroots level. Several FIRs have been registered against protesting farmers by the Punjab government during the agitation in the recent past. Farm unions of Punjab have now given an ultimatum to the Punjab Government to withdraw all the fake cases filed against the farmers, before 8th September.

Himachal Pradesh farmers gheraoed yesterday the Minister of Agriculture and Horticulture

SKM said that opposition against BJP leaders continues in Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. This has now spread to Himachal Pradesh as well. Yesterday, over the sharp fall in the prices of apples, fruit farmers of Theog in Himachal Pradesh gheraoed the Himachal Pradesh Agriculture Minister Virendra Kanwar and Horticulture Minister Mahendra Singh Thakur for several hours, and the National Highway was blocked. The farmers of Himachal have announced a protest against corporate loot on September 13.

On the other hand, in Nashik, farmers protested by throwing tomatoes on the streets after getting the meager price of Rs 2-3 a kg for tomatoes. SKM has said that whether it is tomatoes or apples, there is a need to guarantee the purchase of all fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, forest produce, milk, fish at MSP. That is why even after the martyrdom of 600 farmers, the farm movement continues and will continue till the demands are met.

SKM condemned the imposition of sec.144 by Delhi Police on farmers who have come from distant Assam into Delhi and asserted that these Assam farmers will certainly reach Muzaffarnagar despite all the odds and obstacles by the administration.

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