MSP Gaurantee and Justice for Farmers Movement Martyrs: SKM

SKM has demanded the false cases against thousand of farmers be withdrawn and compensation be granted to the families of 670 martyrs of farmers movement.

Justice for Lakhimpur

While the Prime Minister Modi announceed of his Government’s decision to repeal the 3 black farm laws, he chose to remain silent on the pending demands of farmers – SKM pointed out.

These are pending demands of MSP and justice to the martyrs of farm movement that the Government is choosing to ignore even after such a protracted struggle with a high and avoidable human toll.

Farmers of the country were struggling for a legally-guaranteed remunerative MSP for all agricultural produce for several years now, and have staged numerous protests around the country. The farm laws brought in by the Modi Government were in an opposite direction, and farmers were forced to put up resistance against these laws, in a battle of life and death for themselves and for future generations.

Demand for statutory guarantee for a fair MSP is an integral part of the current agitation. Similarly, the current movement has also been seeking the withdrawal of the Electricity Amendment Bill completely and to keep farmers out of penal clauses related to statutes on air quality regulation in Delhi.

All these demands are still pending.

Sacrifice of 670 Martyrs and false cases on thousands of farmers

So far, more than 670 protestors have sacrificed their lives in this movement. The Modi Government has refused to acknowledge the high human cost that was imposed on the protestors due to its adamant and egoistic behaviour. SKM has demanded that these martyrs’ families to be supported with compensation and employment opportunities.

SKM has demanded that there should be a memorial erected in the name of the martyrs and homage to be paid to them in the Parliament session.

Hundreds of false cases have been slapped against thousands of farmers in various states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Chandigarh, Madhya Pradesh etc. All these cases have to be withdrawn unconditionally.

Justice for Lakhimpur Keri 

Even after a month fo the incident and despite all the evidence, Ajay Mishra Teni, the culprit of Lakhimpur Kheri farmers’ massacre continues to evade any legal action, and also continues to be a Minister in the Modi Government.

In fact, Ajay Mishra continues to adorn the stage in government functions like the Annual Conference of DGPs/IGPs underway in Lucknow from yesterday. In a provocative manner, he has been made by the DM of Lakhimpur Kheri as the Chief Guest of the inauguration event on 24th November, of the crushing season in Sampoornanagar sugar mill (a Coop Mill that owes at least 43 crores to farmers for the last season). The district administration surely realises the upset mood of the local farmers, and also knows that the Supreme Court is taking a suo motu interest in impartiality for justice in Lakhimpur Kheri Massacre. SKM advises the DM to cancel the planned event immediately. SKM demands strongly once again that Ajay Mishra Teni be arrested and sacked from the Council of Ministers of the Union Government.


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October 2023


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