Bitcoin scam: RTI activist alleges that over 12,000 Bitcoins have been encashed by Karnataka cops and politicians

Adiga said that he has already sent the details of the Bitcoin case to the office of Prime Minister, Union Home Minister and Union Home Secretary.


More and more skeletons are tumbling out of the closet in the infamous Bitcoin scam which is now haunting the ruling BJP government of Karnataka after the entire incident turned political.

The person who is believed to be the kingpin of this scam is a computer hacker, Shrikrishna Ramesh alias Shriki has become a centre in the political storm.

Meanwhile, an RTI activist, Ashok Kumar Adiga has alleged that some of the top police officials and influential politicians including joint police commissioner, Sandeep Patil, Police Commissioner, Kamal Pant have been neglecting the allegations of involvement of drugs in the case.

He said that he has already sent the details of the case to the office of Prime Minister, Union Home Minister and Union Home Secretary.

He also said that the copies of the letter have also been given to all the above-mentioned police officials and the office of Central Crime Branch on April 22 this year. He has also shared the whatsapp chat details to prove this.

“ Despite giving details about the scam in April itself, no action has been taken yet on the matter”, he alleged.

Adiga claims that he has already informed the officials about the Shriki monetizing 12900 Bitcoins.

“ Shriki was arrested in December 2020 in a drug case. Later in the day, I came to know in January 2021 that a few top officials of CCB have taken around 9600 Bitcoin from the accused. I had shared this information among the officials on January 3. Despite this, the officials remain quiet on the matter”, he said.

He said that he sent a whatsapp message on Pant on April 20. He even wanted to meet him personally to explain the case. But the officials did not give a positive reply.

In his complaint, Adiga has said that Shriki has hacked the official website and got thousands of Bitcoin transferred illegally into his wallet.

A case has already been filed against Shriki in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The Netherland police are already investigating the case where it is trying to track down the transferred Bitcoins.

“ I have already collected the case copy and have also contacted the FBI. The FBI meanwhile has asked me to submit the details to Bengaluru Interpol”, Adiga claimed.

He however said that since he has no trust in Bengaluru Interpol and any other Indian investigating agencies, therefore, I have written a letter to the Interpol office of France.

Adiga claims that his file contains around 1017 screen shots. The FBI has received the message every time Bitcoin was monetized.

“ Even after informing the top police officials that around 12900 Bitcoins have been monetized while Shriki was in the custody of police, the top officials chose to remain inactive in the case”, he charged.

He claimed he has evidence to prove that 17 more persons are involved in the scam.  He mentioned in the letter submitted to the police that if any attempt was made to fix him in a false case and tried to harm him, he would send the document to officials of the Central Government.

He said that a written complaint has been given at the office of Sandeep Patil on April 26.

He said that though an assurance was given to him that he will be called on April 27 at the office of CCB for giving all documents to Sandeep Patil, but no communication was made to him.

Adiga also claimed that he has more documents, but he said he will not release it now.

He said he has a threat to life and said that he is contacting the media to share the information that many police officials and politicians are involved in the scam.

Meanwhile the police sources said that they have not neglected the complaint.


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