Modi Govt. Responsible for the Plight of Indian Students in Ukraine: Siddaramaiah

He said that earlier governments have also brought back Indian citizens from war-torn countries but Congress party never tried to take credit of it.

Indian students in Ukraine

Former Chief Minister of Karnataka and the leader of Opposition, Siddaramaiah has accused the Modi government for the terrible situation the Indian students are facing in war-torn Ukraine.

Addressing media persons, he said that hundreds of Indians have already been stranded in Ukraine while one student from Karnataka has already died in the war.

“ The BJP government’s failure to gauge the situation and take necessary steps has led to creation of such a horrible situation for the Indians stranded in Ukraine”, he charged.

He said that it was already getting reported in the media for over a month that war could be declared between Russia and Ukraine at any time. Other countries had already evacuated their citizens by sensing the imminent danger. But India waited till the war started and did not bother about the lives of people. Modi failed to take required precautions.

Because of the irresponsibility of the Modi government, one student from Karnataka lost his life in the war. His parents are now devastated with his death. “ The angry response of the parents of the deceased students and his friends stranded in Ukraine is clear evidence of the blatant failure of the Modi government in bringing back the people of India safely before the war broke out. If the timely action had been taken then the boy could have survived”, he said.

He said that despite the political and ideological differences with the parties, it is the duty of all the political parties to support the central government for any development taking place at international level.

“ But now we are hearing reports of Indians being beaten up by soldiers in Ukraine. This is a matter of grave concern”, Siddaramaiah said.

He said that it is not new for India to bring back Indian citizens from war-torn countries as over a lakh Indians were brought back safely during the Gulf war. During the war in Libya and Yemen, over 20000 Indians were brought back safely.

The Congress party never tried to take publicity for bringing the Indians from war-torn countries in the past.

“ But the Modi government has named the evacuation process as ‘Operation Ganga’ to use it as political mileage in the Uttar Pradesh election. This is nothing but a glaring example of the cheap politics of BJP”, he said.

He suggested the Karnataka government keep in constant touch with the Central Government to bring the stranded people of Karnataka from Ukraine.

At the same time, the Central Government should hold discussions with Ukraine and the Russian government to ensure the safety of all Indians stranded in Ukraine, he said.


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April 2024


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