Mangalore: VHP leader Sharan Pumpwell Criticised for Hate Speech Against Muslims

Sharan Pumpwell is a notorious hatemonger and has made controversial statements time and again. Yet no action is taken against him.

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Sharan Pumpwell a Vishwa Hindu Parishad member while addressing a press conference made statements that amount to hate speech.

In the speech, he gave Muslim leaders from the state a warning to keep an eye on their youth and educate them to stay within their limits.

He went on further and pushed the “Love Jihad” narrative and said- If any case of Love Jihad is found, he will take to the streets to protest and punish the action’. In his speech, he added more of the same narrative and claimed that Muslim youth trap Hindu girls and then get them involved with drugs and sex using terror and that this will not be tolerated by him. He also accused the Muslim community of supporting terrorism in society.

“If there is a case of Love Jihad with any one of our daughters, we will take to the streets to protests against it. Do not bring us to that situation.” He said.

On the same day, he has also informed the press that violent demonstrations might occur in a day or two.

In response to this, there has been an outrage on Twitter, demanding an FIR be registered against him. The Director-General of Police and Chief Minister Basvaraj Baommai have been urged to look into this matter and take appropriate action.

A Karnataka based initiative called Hate Speech Beda (No Hate Speech) has demanded an FIR to be filed against Sharan on sections pertaining to provocation with the intention to cause riots, insulting other religions, and spreading of rumors “likely to incite, any class or community of persons to commit any offence against any other class or community..”

Sharan Pumpwell has been accused of scandals and has made such controversial statements previously. In a video leaked last year, Basvaraj Bommai, the incumbent Chief Minister is seen to be telling Sharan that he will be freed from all cases in his name.

A few months ago Sharan has been a centre of controversy when he objected to Muslims conducting the funeral rites of Hindus who had died due to Covid and whose bodies had been abandoned by family members owing to fear of the virus.

His comments were in bad taste and were widely criticised.

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