Kerala Government to Withdraw Cases against CAA and Sabarimala Agitation

Criticism had been levelled that a case had been registered against the participants in the citizenship agitation in Kerala


With polls nearing, the Kerala government announced they are going to withdraw the cases registered in the state in connection with the protests on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and Sabarimala Agitation. The government’s decision was taken at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Several criminal cases were registered against the protestors in Sabarimala women’s entry verdict in various parts of Kerala, including in the ‘Naama japa’ procession (communal march organised by believers of god Ayyappa against supreme court order). The Nair Service Society (NSS) had earlier demanded that cases be withdrawn against those, including women and children, who participated in ‘Naama japa’ protests when the agitation against women entry in Sabarimala was at its peak.

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It was decided at the cabinet meeting that cases of non-serious criminal nature would be withdrawn. The government has announced that cases registered in Kerala in connection with the Citizenship Amendment Law (CAA) will also be withdrawn. A number of people, including cultural activists, had come out in protest against the government for registering cases against the participants in the citizenship agitation.

Criticism had been leveled against the Kerala govt. which had registered cases against those who participated in the citizenship agitation while maintaining that Citizenship Amendment Act would not be implemented.

Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala called the government decision “late wisdom”. The Indian Union Muslim League, which was at the forefront of the anti-CAA demonstrations, said that the LDF government was left with no other alternative, with an election around the corner.

BJP also accepted the decision to withdraw the cases. The party has previously pointed out that the job prospects of a vast number of young people had been negatively impacted by lawsuits brought against them by the government as part of the crackdown of demonstrations.


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