Karnataka govt. Receives Flak over Front page Ads Thanking PM Modi

Many have questioned the need of Karnataka CM to fawn over PM Modi and giving undue credit to the central govt for the project when it is the state will bear the larger share of the costs.


If you happen to see the major newspapers  today, Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa has issued a full-page advertisement with a large photo of PM Modi and smaller photo of Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa. In the advertisement, Karnataka CM is thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the Union Cabinet approval of the Bangalore Metro Phase 2A and 2B project (Bangalore Airport-KR Puram-Silkboard Metro route)” connecting the silkboard to the Kempegowda International Airport.

There has caused quite an outrage and criticism with many pertinent questions being raised. The main one being that the project was approved 3 years ago (under the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government). The Siddaramaiah govt had also completed the the land acquisition and even called for tenders. many infact questioned the reason for delay of 3 years from the Central and state govt when all the approval and tender work was done 3 years ago?

Many are questioning the delay and the timing of such an advertisement that cost crores of rupees when the country is going through its worst crisis and unable to save lives.

Many people including well-known activists and intellectuals in the state like Dr HV Vasu and Dr Purushottama Bilimale have questioned why did the Union Cabinet had to delay the approval for so long.

Many are also questioning the need of Karnataka CM to fawn over PM Modi and giving undue credit to the central govt for the project when it is the state will bear the larger share of the costs.

The advertisement states that Rs. 14,778 crores has been approved for the project which is to be completed in 5 years. However, what is mentioned is the total project cost of Bengaluru Metro Phase 2A and 2B project which will be from the Central Silk Board Junction to KR Puram and KR Puram to Kempegowda International Airport.  Rs 14,778 is the total project cost which the union government will not pay completely. The union government will only provide a small stake of this total cost.

Of the total costs, the union government will provide 15 percent as direct grants while 35% of the cost will be funded by the state government. It also states that 35% of the total cost will be borrowed through the bi-lateral and multi-lateral developmental agencies of the union government. The remaining 15 percent is to be raised from the private sector sources according to an earlier report.

Speaking to GauriLankeshNews.com, Arun Javagal said, “This project has been waiting for approval for many years. Siddaramaiah had earlier demanded that the union government must grant 50 percent of the cost of the Bangalore Metro Phase 2A and 2B routes. But the union government did not approve of it. Even now there’s no trust that the union government will give it its share of funds. It is not spelled clearly how much the Union government would pay for out of the loans to be raised for the project. Yeddyurappa must make all this information transparent to the public.” he demanded.

Questioning the need for advertising this project across the country out of the funds of the state government, he said, “On the one hand, they claim that the government is out of funds and on the other issue pages together of advertisements. It is from the tax money that Karnataka pays that the central government contributes to the project. Even if you feel like thanking, then do so out of your personal money” said Arun.

Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy also expressed his displeasure over this issue. “Today we pushed into the house of death. At this time, the state government issuing huge advertisements that the union government is providing funds for the Metro means that that the government has still not learned its lesson. This stupid government should introspect on the need for advertising in such difficult situations. There are no beds [in hospitals] in the state, and in times when people are dying owing to lack of oxygen and medicines. By advertising in such a situation, the government is playing with the lives of people”


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May 2024



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