Karnataka: Doctors on streets against CAA- NRC -NPR in Gulbarga

We don't look at patients through their religion? We have morality. That is why we have taken to the streets against the ruling government.


For one month we are seeing protests against the citizenship amendment act (CAA), NRC and NPR by student organisations, muslim organisations, progressives, Dalits, women organisations and Lawyers. Today, doctors also joined the list by in raising their voice in rejecting the unsecular and unconstitutional laws like CAA, NRC, and NPR (National population registry).

Under the banner of the Medical fraternity of Kalagurgi, more than 500 doctors did a peaceful protest outside the district collector office against this contentious law.

Addressing the protest, Dr. Seema Deshpande said-

“The government’s job is helping people instead the government is increasing people’s trouble by bringing in laws like NRC, NPR, and CAA. The public health sector is declining and we have lost hope. India’s economy is on its death bed. India’s health status is declining. Patients have no money for treatment. In such circumstances, instead of addressing these grave issues affecting people, government is bringing laws like NRC and CAA that divide people on the basis of religion. That is why we are protesting today.”

NPR is anti-people. We have united against this. We are the people of India. She urged the government to take steps to improve India’s education, health and economic status instead of such laws.


Ashfaqullah Khan, Bhagat Singh, Ram Prasad Bismil, Subhash Chandra Bose belonged to different religions and found for our freedom movement. In such a country breaking down people on the basis of religion is not right. We don’t look at patients through their religion? We have morality. That is why we have taken to the streets against the ruling government.

Mohammed Irfan spoke the people-  “The fight for our independence has begun. There is no end to this. Some are protesting against the law without reading it. But we doctors, those who are aware of the condition of society, have read this law thoroughly. It is unconstitutional, it is to divide people. You can’t just sit and watch it. That is why we are on the street.”

Jamia and JNU students are protesting. We support and salute them. There are petitions against CAA, the matter is in the Supreme Court. We have complete trust in our judicial system. If the act is implemented there, we will give a call for “Delhi Chalo”.

Dr. Rahul Taman said-

“There is already a law on citizenship. They have been amended even though it looks like it is against Muslims. It is against the poor, Dalits, OBCs and women. Over 19 lakh people have been detained in Assam. Of this, only 5 lakhs are Muslims and the remaining 14 lakh are from other religions. That is why people should oppose this law.

Democratically elected criminals are in Parliament and they are demanding papers from honest people and plan to send them to jail. Our culture is called Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam. Everyone on this land is our family, but the government is breaking us on religious grounds.

One lakh babies die in India before they are born. One has to think about this. Our country ranks 115th in the hunger index. In such conditions, we should ask what our priorities are…



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