Kangana Ranaut calls farmers objecting Agri-Marketing Bills “Terrorists”

Bollywood actress and BJP supporter Kangana calls farmers protesting anti-farmer Bills "terrorists". The move reflects her opportunistic allyship.

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut called protesting farmers "Terrorists"

Responding to a tweet posted by PM Modi on the much-contested Agricultural Bills, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut said that farmers protesting the Bills were “terrorists.”

In it, she writes, “PM Modi ji,those who are sleeping can be woken up,if someone has misunderstood,one can make him understand, but if someone is acts like she doesnt understand, then what can one do? Not even a single person lost their citizenship from CAA and it is these same terrorists, who have shed rivers of blood (for that act).”

The recent bills that have been passed in the parliament by the Modi Government have been heavily criticised for being anti-farmer and pro-market. While Modi stated in his tweet that Minimum Support Prices will continue, farmers and critics have other concerns as well; the Bill could undermine food security and increase hoarding by traders, which would profit the market but not farmers. There’s no mechanism for price fixation and it would increase cooperative federalism.

Kangana’s statement reads as ignorant as well as insensitive. Firstly, it ignores the plight of Muslims in the country by blatantly falsifying the existence of detention camps as well as the extent of state violence that Muslims faced. Secondly, it also undermines the concerns of farmers at a time where India has one of the highest numbers of farmer suicides in the world. One farmer had already lost his life protesting the Bills. It also uses existing Islamophobia to create a bias against the farmers.

The statement is especially ironic since Kangana had been recently calling the exploitation of labourers in Bollywood “terrorism”. The selective allyship for only some unions exposes her opportunistic activism.

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