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Rupesh Kumar Singh Arrested

Ranchi- Jharkhand Police has arrested independent journalist Rupesh Kumar Singh on Sunday afternoon.

Police forces had come to Rupesh Kumar Singh’s house in early hours of the morning and searched the house till 1PM. Interestingly police also had the arrest warrant but didn’t show it till 1PM.

The search started at 5.30 AM while Rupesh’s family was still sleeping. Police arrived at his house in Ramgarh and searched the house till 1 PM. According to the search warrant, the search is for a case from eight months ago from Kandra police station of Seraikela-Kharsanwa.  Police did not inform about the arrest warrant until the time of items seizure at 1 PM. When all the items of seizure were prepared, Rupesh Kumar Singh was arrested and taken away after showing the arrest warrant. Among the seized items is a bedsheets, mobile, two laptops and sealed vehicle papers.

Police conducting search at Rupesh’s home.

Rupesh Kumar Singh is already an eyesore for the governments. The central government had placed him in the Pegasus list and was illegally monitoring his phone. But the reason of his arrest by the state police still remains a mystery.

Rupesh has always been vocal about the anti-people policies of the government. He writes on issues of ‘Jal, jungle and Zameen’ ( land, water and forest rights) and of state atrocities against Adivasis. That is also the reason, he is an eyesore for the state and central government. His reports are detailed and evidence based and have helped many organisations in raising pertinent issues of Adivasi Rights.

His latest report was two days ago on the areas affected by smoke and ashes from the factories set up in the Girdih district of Jharkhand. In the story, Rupesh reported how factories in the area had led to health disasters in the area.

Arrest Warrant

Experts say that Rupesh’s arrest is a clear violation of the directions of the Supreme Court. In any case, the police should first inquire and inform the person concerned before arresting. Whereas in this case nothing of the sort was done.


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Author is a senior journalist from Jharkhand.


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February 2024


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