Indian Farmers Complete 9 months of Historic Protests at Delhi Borders

To mark the completion of 9 months of the world's largest and longest peaceful protest, SKM is organising its All India Convention on 26-27th August at Singhu border.


Tomorrow, August 26th 2021, marks the completion of nine months of the historic farmers’ movements, with peaceful protests that involved lakhs of farmers and their supporters at Delhi’s Borders.

To mark the completion of 9 months of the world’s largest and longest peaceful protest, Samyukt Kisan Morcha is organising its All India Convention on August 26th and 27th at Singhu Border.

It is expected that around 1500 delegates from 20 states of India will take part in this Convention. Shri Balbir Singh Rajewal will inaugurate the Convention.

This unparalleled movement has brought to the forefront of public debate in India the issues of farmers and their future squarely. This people’s movement has restored faith in citizen power in a democracy. It has helped farmers regain an identity of dignity in the nation’s polity. It has helped forge bonds of unity and collective spirit amongst the farming communities in India, and amongst their unions, transcending caste, religion, region, state and other diversities.

This movement has also unified and activated opposition political parties in the country, to work together in support of farmers and other ordinary citizens. It has galvanised action from youth in rural India, and has visibilised women farmers of the country. It has ensured that big corporations buckle under citizens’ pressure.

The farmers movement has re-established citizens’ basic right to peaceful protest in a democracy. While the movement is expanding and unfolding, it has also been able to provide energy and support to numerous local struggles of farmers in the country and took several towards successful resolution.

Punjab sugarcane farmers obtained at least 375 crore rupees of additional price due to Peaceful Struggle

Farmers are routinely looted of their rightful price in the market due to various vested interests prevailing. Punjab sugarcane farmers obtained at least 375 crore rupees of additional price that is rightfully theirs (at an estimated production of around 750 lakh quintals), due to the peaceful struggle put up over the past five days. Starting from denial of full, comprehensive and transparent cost of production estimations, farmers are cheated of remunerative pricing in numerous ways. Starting from August 20th, tens of thousands of farmers from different regions of Punjab protested at Dhanowali near Jalandhar, and jammed the highway and nearby railway line.

In swift developments thereafter, after three rounds of talks, Punjab government agreed to a price of Rs. 360 per quintal of sugarcane, which the farm unions gracefully agreed to. The protests were subsequently called off yesterday evening, and the squatting sites vacated.

Condolences to Scholar Activist Gail Omvedt

SKM expresses its sincere condolences on the passing away of scholar-activist par excellence, Gail Omvedt. Her writings and activism contributed immensely to the vision of well-being of the last person and to all the peoples’ movements, especially the movements for dalit-bahujan, women and landless farmers.

SKM’s call of boycott of, and black flag protests against BJP and allied leaders continues

Samyukt Kisan Morcha clarifies that its call for social boycott and black flag protest against BJP and its allied parties continues.

Reports indicate that BJP MP Varun Gandhi had to cancel his visit to Puranpur in Pilibhit, where local farmers were waiting to stage black flag protests. Earlier, an Uttar Pradesh Minister Mahesh Chandra Gupta was met with black flag protests in the district. Before this was the turn of Minister in UP BJP government Baldev Singh Aulakh to be faced with a similar situation. Farmers are demanding that cases filed against 70 protesting farmers in this incident have to be withdrawn unconditionally.

SKM condemns the amendments brought in by Haryana government to facilitate forcible land acquisition from farmers

SKM condemns the latest move by Haryana government to amend the Land Acquisition Act (LARR 2013) in a way that opens the floodgates of compulsory acquisition under the garb of PPP without farmers’ consent. This amendment seeks to bring, from the backdoor, the anti farmer amendments that the Modi government failed to carry out in 2015. It undermines the whole point of the historic law that was unanimously passed by the Parliament in 2013.

It is the heat of the farmers’ agitation in the state, apart from a few other issues, that brought on an early closure of the Haryana Assembly session. The ongoing protests and the anti-farmer central laws were sought to be raised in the session by opposition leaders in various ways. However, Haryana’s Khattar-led BJP-JJP government escaped a challenging situation for itself by making the session very short of just three days’ duration.

More farmers are reaching different protest sites at SKM morchas. Farmers from different districts of Rajasthan came to Shahjahanpur as a large contingent yesterday. There is a big Mahapanchayat scheduled at Nuh in Haryana on 29th August, to strengthen the agitation further. Several SKM leaders are expected to participate in this Mahapanchayat.

Kisan Sansad Concluded Successfully: No Confidence Motion against BJP led Govt.


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