Kisan Sansad Concluded Successfully: No Confidence Motion against BJP led Govt.

The Sansad concluded that BJP government bulldozed the antifarmer and anti-worker laws through the Parliament and curtailed democratic rights and civil liberties.

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After 13 days of rigorous discussions on various issues, Kisan Sansad concluded on August 10. On the 13th-day farmers’ parliament passed a unanimous resolution expressing no confidence in BJP led government.

Woman Sansad as a special session of Parliament gave a clarion call to the people to oust the corporate‘s from Agriculture and asked the BJP government to quit as it has failed to come up to the expectations of the people rather pursuing antifarmer, anti-people, pro-corporate, and communal policies since it came to power in 2014.

The Kisan Sansad garnered had support from the masses as well as from most of the opposition parties. Opposition leaders on various occasions visited the Kisan Sansad site to extend their solidarity with the farmers’ movement and demanded the BJP government to revoke the Farm laws.

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Kisan Sansad Demands Corporate Kheti Chhodo and Modi Gaddi Chhodo

On July 6, a no-confidence motion was tabled in the House and it was emphatically debated for two days. Speakers launched scathing attacks on the BJP government which has virtually lost the confidence of the people. The house of farmers came to the conclusion that the Modi government has no moral, ethical and constitutional right to remain in the power.

The farmers said that the Modi government has failed to check the skyrocketing prices of petroleum products and price rise of essential commodities. During the pandemic, it bulldozed the antifarmer and anti-worker laws through the Parliament and curtailed the democratic rights and civil liberties of the people guaranteed under the Constitution.

As a result, the Sansad observed that the democratic space has started shrinking to which the ongoing farmer agitation and Kisan Parliament have played a significant and tremendous role to regain lost space.

On August 10 Kisan Parliament was addressed by two renowned intellectuals namely Dr. Anupama Punjabi University Patiala and Dr. Navsharn Kaur Delhi. The house also passed a resolution hailing the performance of players in the Tokyo Olympics who winning Gold, silver, and Bronze Medals for the country.

As many as 90 women speaker expressed their views on the motion. Winding up the discussion SKM Leader Balbir Singh Rajewal placed a resolution before the house which was passed with a voice vote. The four sessions on the last day of the sansad were chaired by Dr. Ranvir Kaur Bhangu, Reeman Nain, Usha rain, Sunita Tikat, P Krishna mal, Sudesh, Jasbir Kaur Natt, and Maureen Kaleka further to be added as speakers and deputy speakers respectively.

Some additional suggestions in the resolution on MSP passed on 5th July, were placed before the House and unanimously passed. The House also resolved to adjourn the Parliament Sine die in view of the preparations of the next SKM program i.e. 15th August to be celebrated as Kisan Majdoor Azaadi Sangram Divas and Mission UP as well.

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