IMA: Inclusion of Coronil in COVID-19 Kit Will Amount to Contempt of Court

In the letter IMA has said that the addition of Coronil with allopathic drugs will amount to mixopathy, which is not permitted under rulings of the Supreme Court and several High Courts

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Towards the end of June 2020, Yoga practitioner and businessman Ramdev’s Ayurveda brand Patanjali launched Coronil as a ‘cure’ for COVID-19 only to take the statement back and rebrand it as a ‘COVID-19 immunity booster kit’ after the government’s AYUSH Ministry ordered Patanjali to stop advertising it as a COVID-19.

But by the time the rebranding happened, a large section of the Indian population was using the Coronil kit partially as an alternative to proper healthcare and medical facilities required to recover from the virus. In just four months Coronil kits worth 250 crores have been sold.

On February 19, 2021, a month before the second wave of the COVID19 pandemic hit the country, in an event which was also attended by the Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari—both BJP leaders, Patanjali released a research paper and claimed that the Coronil tablet can as a supporting measure in COVID-19 based on the recognition given by the Ayush ministry as per the WHO certificate scheme. Later on WHO clarified that it did not review or certify Coronil for COVID-19 treatment. On both these occasions, the medicine was advertised by Ramdev with false information, in the time of a global health crisis.

Now when the health crisis in the country is worse than how it was when the medicine was launched, according to reports, Patanjali has proposed to the government of Uttarakhand, the inclusion of Coronil tablets in the COVID-19 kits given to the patients.

Last year when the company had made the claim of Coronil being a cure for the virus, the Uttarakhand government had come forward to inform that the Ayurved company had been given the license to produce only immunity boosters and not any medicinal cure for the virus.

In a letter addressed to the Chief Secretary of the state, as a “retaliation” against  Patanjali’s proposal, the Uttarakhand branch of the Indian Medical Association on Friday reiterated that Coronil does not have WHO authorization and is not included in the central guidelines of COVID-19 by MHA. It also said that Coronil is neither a drug nor a medicine and only has recognition as a food supplement by the AYUSH ministry.

Undersigned by the honorary state secretary of IMA, Dr. Ajay Mehra, said that the addition of Coronil with allopathic drugs will amount to mixopathy, which is not permitted under rulings of the Supreme Court and several High Courts. Coronil’s addition to the COVID-19 will therefore be a contempt of court. Along with that section 34 of the National Medical Commission.

The association has asked the state government to direct the Health Secretary in the matter accordingly.

Merely a few days back the medical fraternity including doctors and other health staff throughout the country observed ‘Black Day‘ to protest against the “slanderous remarks” of Ramdev made towards doctors and the usefulness of allopathy. In the past, he was also criticised for fueling vaccine hesitancy in the country.

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