How International Media Reported Farmers’ Tractor Parade in Delhi

Day by day, the protest is rising in intensity at the Singhu border and Gazipur border.

Many international media platforms extensively covered the Republic day tractor parade conducted by farmers demanding the repeal of three controversial farm laws, and the violence that followed. Foreign newspapers have given greater significance to the story of lakhs of farmers protesting on India’s Kisan Republic Day.

CNN, Aljazeera, The Guardian, Washington Post, etc. covered all updates of the farmers’ protest. This would lead to an increase in global interest in the events surrounding the protest of farmers in India. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had previously extended his solidarity to India’s peacefully protesting farmers.

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But the news circulated on social media claiming that the recently elected president of the United States of America extended solidarity with farmers’ protest has been identified as fake news. Until now, Biden has not responded to farmers’ protests.

Day by day, the protest is rising in intensity at the Singhu border and Gazipur border. Through removing all the barricades, farmers’ Tractor Parade marched forward as police restricted the passage across the border. Slogans were shouted by protesters climbing on top of police vehicles.

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Farmers reportedly said that the police denied permission to proceed the Tractor rally on the routes already approved. Some farmers’ groups stormed the Red Fort. Many farmers from various parts of the country are now involved in the protests.

The police allowed only 5000 tractors to join in the rally. But the leaders of the farmers announced that more than a lakh of tractors are part of the parade. More farmers came to the rally than farmers’ unions predicted, according to the reports coming out.

On Budget Day February 1, 2021, For Reinforcing the Protest after the tractor rally, farmers’ organizations have called for a long march to the parliament building. Without any results, the 18th round of discussions with the centre and farmers have concluded. The centre dismissed the appeal from farmers to withdraw the farm laws altogether. The Center told farmers that they are ready to suspend farm laws for 18 months and are not willing to remove them entirely.

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( This article was first published in Dool News in Malayalam and translated by Midhun Mohan )





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