Farmers have remained at Delhi Borders in spite of the incidents of violence on Republic Day. As mentioned to Gauri Lankesh News, farmers claim that their numbers have not decreased. Only the people who came specifically for the Tractor Rally have gone back, resulting in a narrative peddled by Media that protests are waning.

UP Police and Amit Shah have, however, used this fracture of legitimacy created by events of violence at Red Fort to forcefully evacuate the farmers peacefully protesting at the Ghazipur Border. As reported by ANI, the Ghazipur District Administration under the dictates of Yogi-Shah had ordered the farmers to evacuate the site yesterday evening. This was followed with cutting basic facilities such as water and electricity.

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Rakesh Tikait, the national spokesperson of Bharatiya Kisan Union, was issued a notice by the Delhi Police on Thursday, asking him to explain why legal action should not be taken against him for breaching the agreement with police regarding the tractor rally on January 26. Tikait has demanded action against the miscreants at Red Fort and has said he will respond to government within 3 days. Rakesh Tikait, who was present at Ghazipur, was interrupted by police while giving a speech, and then was ordered to entirely evacuate the protest site. Rakesh Tikait had subsequently turned emotional and viewed this as a death knell and the end of the last struggle for the rights of Farmers. He cried while giving a press conference, and requested the farmers who had gone home to immediately come back towards the Ghazipur Border.

This video has changed the course of farmers protest at the moment, and has resulted in an exodus of farmers and villagers coming to Ghazipur overnight from nearly all villages of Haryana and UP. The strength of Farmers at Ghazipur has been greatly emboldened by this support by incoming farmers from all the nearby areas, with the resolve that one person from each family will come. The UP Police has retracted after seeing the large organizational build up created there, and the Yogi government sees it as politically infeasible to evacuate the protests now.

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Meanwhile, a group of people have been ‘protesting’ against the protests against farm laws, and gave the ‘khalistanis’ an ultimatum of 24 hours to resolve the issues with government and evacuate the Singhu area. This event has been largely reported in mainstream media as ‘locals’ protesting against the farmers because of the unfortunate events on the Republic Day, but as investigated by AltNews, these events have in fact been lead by Hindu Sena. Today morning, security at Tikri and Singhu Borders, has been further increased by the government due to the further inflow of protesters.

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February 2024


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