Farmers Burn Copies of Farm Laws on Holi eve

SKM opposes the Haryana Govt Haryana Recovery of Damages to Property during Disturbance to Public Order Bill, 2021" as a dictatorial move and to be used against peaceful farmers movement


Samyukta Kisan Morcha burnt copies of three agricultural laws in the Holika Dahan ceremony. Considering this as a sign of the victory of good over evil, farmers said that these laws will have to be repealed and laws on MSP will have to be enacted.

Farmers celebrated Holi at the protest sites on the borders of Delhi, declaring the agricultural laws as anti-farmer and anti-people.

Farmers opposed the Haryana Government’s Haryana Recovery of Damages to Property during Disturbance to Public Order Bill, 2021

Despite huge opposition from the farmers and even opposition parties, in the Haryana Assembly on March 18, a bill has been passed which aims to suppress the agitations and the agitators.

According to SKM, the law passed under the title “Haryana Recovery of Damages to Property during Disturbance to Public Order Bill, 2021” contains such dangerous provisions that would surely prove fatal to democracy. SKM strongly condemns and opposes this law. SKM says the law has been brought to disturb this farmers movement and to escape from the legitimate demands of the farmers. Under this, the loss of private or public property made by anyone anywhere during any movement will be recovered from the agitators.

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According to the law, no court will have the right to hear the appeal, the alleged loss can be recovered by confiscating the property of the agitators. Such a law has also been enacted by the government of Uttar Pradesh and it has been misused in a big way.

SKM says this law is a step of utter dictatorship and it is sure to be misused against the present peaceful farmers’ movement and they strongly oppose it.

Gherao of FCI offices on 5 April

Several attempts are being made by the government to end the MSP and PDS system indirectly. For the last several years, the budget of FCI has been reduced. Recently the FCI also changed the rules for the procurement system of crops.

In the general meeting of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha, it has been decided that FCI Bachao Divas will be observed on the coming April 5. Under this, FCI offices across the country will be gheraoed from 11 am to 5 pm. We appeal to the farmers and the general people that it is a matter of future for both food growers and food eaters, so take part in large number in the protest on 5th April.

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