Day 12 of Kisan Sansad: No Confidence Motion moved against the BJP Government, Opposititon MPs Visit Kisans

The Speaker of the Kisan Sansad said that this kind of role reversal where elected Parliamentarians are visiting the Farmers' Parliament is good for our democracy.

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August 6 marked the 12th day of  Kisan Sansad which has been running parallel to the monsoon session of the Indian Parliament. As usual, 200 Kisan Parliamentarians joined today’s proceedings at Jantar Mantar and a No-Confidence Motion was moved against the Government.

Why the No-Confidence Motion?

The No-Confidence Motion was based on the fact that the farmers’ demands were not being met, despite more than 8 months of peaceful protests by lakhs of farmers across the country, in addition to several anti-farmer measures by the government.

The No-Confidence motion moved pointed out that the Modi government had created a hoax of doubling farmers’ incomes and had done nothing concrete towards this. The motion also mentioned that the BJP and the Prime Minister have reneged on their MSP-related promises time and time again, including making a C2+50% MSP a reality for all farmers.

The Famers’ No-Confidence Motion said that the BJP Govt also cheated farmers on the much-hyped Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, where the government expenditure increased, farmers’ coverage decreased and corporations profiteered. On the import-export front, India’s exports have declined while imports have increased, narrowing the gap between both.

When it comes to government support to farmers during natural calamities, it has been a massive failure. The No-Confidence Motion stressed upon the Modi Government bringing in pro-corporate, anti-farmer laws and not acceding to the farmers’ demand for their repeal, and for bringing in a law to guarantee remunerative MSP for all farmers, for all agricultural commodities.

Several issues of serious concern of ordinary citizens as well as farmers were also raised during the debate on the No-Confidence Motion.

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The discussion included the issue of unaffordable and unjustified hikes in fuel prices affecting all ordinary citizens of the country, the collapse of an un-invested and unprepared healthcare system in the covid pandemic.

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Along with that. discussions were also held on the issue of unconscionable spying on citizens and elected leaders by the government putting our democracy into jeopardy, serious human rights violations in the name of sedition and other archaic, untenable charges on democracy defenders in the country, foisting anti-worker laws in the country to protect big capital, in addition to many anti-farmer measures by the government.

Kisan Parliamentarians raised numerous issues concerning their livelihoods and violation of democratic values and basic human rights while participating in the debate. This debate will continue on Monday, August 9th, 2021.

Many Opposition MPs visit the Kisan Sansad at Jantar Mantar

On August 6, MPs of different opposition political parties visited the Kisan Sansad, coming together from the Parliament of India.

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They watched and listened to the proceedings of the Kisan Sansad in a specially arranged Visitors’ Gallery in the Kisan Sansad and extended their full support to the protesting farmers, and on their demands, in their media bytes.

MPs belonging to various parties like Indian National Congress, DMK, RJD, CPI(M), CPI, Shiv Sena, RSP, TMC, IUML, etc. have visited the Kisan Sansad so far. The Speaker of the Kisan Sansad thanked the Opposition MPs of India’s Parliament and said that this kind of role reversal where elected Parliamentarians are visiting the Farmers’ Parliament is good for our democracy.

Mahila Kisan Sansad on August 9th, Quit India Day 

August 9th has been marked as the Mahila Kisan Diwas in the Kisan Sansad. It is also Quit India Day, and the main slogan in the farmers’ movement is “Modi Gaddi Chhodo, Corporates Bharat Chhodo.”

The Mahila Kisan Sansad will also deliberate on the issues of women farmers in India. August 9th is also International Indigenous People’s Day. Adivasi farmers are an important group of farmers in India, and the MSP legal guarantee demand of the farmers’ movement seeks to secure guaranteed MSP for forest produce also, in addition to other commodities. Adivasis in India are also waging struggles to uphold resource rights over various natural resources including land and forests.

More farmers reaching the Morchas 

More farmers are reaching the various morchas to strengthen the movement. Apart from 1000 protestors from Tamil Nadu joining the Singhu Border on Thursday, there was also a large contingent of farmers who joined Singhu Border on the same day in a convoy of more than 1500 vehicles, from Kaithal in Haryana. This convoy was led by BKU Chaduni. Similarly, a contingent of Uttarakhand farmers reached the Ghazipur border from Sitarganj.

Preparations underway for August 15th being marked as Kisan Mazdoor Azaadi Sangram Diwas

Earlier the farmers had announced that August 15th will be marked as Kisan Mazdoor Azaadi Sangram Diwas. SKM has given a call to all its constituents to mark the day with tiranga marches on that day.

On that day, tractors, motorcycles, cycles, carts marches will be taken out to blocks, tehsils, district headquarters, or to the nearest Kisan morchas by farmers and workers. The farmers have also announced that the vehicles will be taken out with the National Flag.

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