Defeat the Karnataka Society (Amendment) Act That Robs off the Rights of Minorities: PFI

The Bill empowers the government with authority to appoint officers in these minority institutions.

On March 23, 2021 Karnataka Legislative Assembly passed the Karnataka Societies Amendment Bill. The Yeddyurappa led Bharatiya Janata Party government, through this Bill is attempting to take over the control of the minority institutions.

The said Bill empowers the government with authority to appoint officers in these minority institutions. PFI has observed that the Government has every right to appoint officers to the government institutions. As the government does not take part in the administration co-operatives and Non Governmental Organisations, has no right to involve itself in the appointments in these institutions. Through this Bill the Government of Karnataka is assuming an unconstitutional power to control the minority institutions.

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Yasir Hassan said, ‘The Karnataka High Court in 1987 had ruled that the Government cannot appoint officers to the co-operatives and if done, it is unconstitutional. Despite this ruling the Government of Karnataka has designed this amendment in order to legally gain power to make appointments.’ 

PFI has condemned this attempt of the BJP government as one of the many measures of the anti-minority policies of the Yeddyurappa government. This important Bill was passed amidst the chaos aurchatrated by the opposition regarding Ramesh Jarakiholli sex scandal. The Bill was passed with no debate or discussion. PFI notes that this shows the failure of the opposition in the state. According to Yasir Hassan this demonstrates the disinterest of the opposition and the government in the well being of the minority communities. 

Observing that the BJP government was successful in passing an anti-people and anti-farmers’ law banning cow slaughter in the state, PFI has called for the secular opposition to not let this happen to the Karnataka Societies Amendment Bill in the Upper house. 

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