“Defeat BJP, Build Left as Opposition’: Left parties enter Uttarakhand Elections  

Left parties will contest the elections jointly and at the same time try to unite the pro-state, pro-people, progressive and secular forces in Uttarakhand.


For the upcoming Uttarakhand assembly elections of 2022, the three Left parties-CPI, CPI-M, CPI-ML- will enter the election season with the slogan of ‘Defeat BJP, Build Left Opposition’.The three parties will participate in the assembly elections jointly and will also run a joint campaign.

This announcement was made by CPI State Secretary Samar Bhandari, CPI(M) State Secretary Rajendra Singh Negi and CPI(ML) State Secretary Raja Bahuguna in a joint press conference called at CPI(M) State Office here today.

The leaders of the Left parties said that there has been an acute lack of effective opposition, which is very important for a healthy democracy, to curb the politics of loot and plunder in the state of Uttarakhand in the last 20 years. The truth is that in the last 20 years, the MLAs present in the assembly have only worked to amass power and pleasure.

The Left parties want to enter the assembly so that the aspirations of the martyrs of Uttarakhand and the issues of the people of Uttarakhand reverberate there. To make the politics of Uttarakhand people centric, it is necessary that the red flag reaches the assembly of Uttarakhand.

Left leaders said that the Left parties will contest the elections jointly and at the same time try to unite the pro-state, pro-people, progressive and secular forces.

Left parties believe that the last four-and-a-half years have proved disastrous for Uttarakhand under the shadow of the destructive politics of the Modi government at the Centre. The Land Amendment Act of 2018 and the All Weather Road are concrete examples of this.

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Rising unemployment, inflation, and  the shoddy condition of education and health services have made the life of common people difficult. The current innings of BJP rule in Uttarakhand will also be remembered as the story of changing Chief Ministers. BJP’s inability to provide a stable government despite having a huge majority of 57 MLAs is a concrete example of its inefficiency.

Left parties believe that in the 2022 elections, BJP, Congress, Aam Aadmi Party are in the fray with the slogan to form the government, so the Left too, which has always struggled for workers, farmers, women, unemployed, all the deprived sections of the society, and development of Uttarakhand are determined to take the voice of the common man inside the assembly.

The leaders appealed to all the progressive forces of Uttarakhand to unitedly carry forward the dual responsibility of bringing down the BJP from power and widening the scope of building an effective opposition.

On this occasion, the Left parties also called upon the common people of Uttarakhand to make the Bharat Bandh of 27 September called by the Sanyukta Kisan Morcha against the anti-farmer-labourer policies of the Modi government a success. The leaders said that the Left parties would come out with full force to make this September 27 bandh a success.

Com. Surendra Singh Sajwan of CPI(M), Com. Ashok Sharma of CPI, Indresh Maikhuri of CPI(ML) etc. were present in the press conference.


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