Kisan Mahapanchayat in Laksar (Haridwar), Uttarakhand.

It has been 300 days since lakhs of farmers were forced to stay put at Delhi’s Borders after they were stopped by Delhi Police from entering into Delhi in late-November 2020.

Protesting farmers have been peacefully communicating their resistance against corporate takeover of India’s food and farming systems since November 26th 2020, deciding to squat on the highways where they have been stopped and barricaded from going further. Their demands are clear and known to the Modi Government which has been obstinately choosing not to agree to these legitimate demands of farmers, even though farmers constitute the largest set of workers in the country and even though elections in our democracy are won through votes cast mainly by farmers.

Samyukt Kisan Morcha states that this historic movement stands as a testimony of the will, resolve and hope of lakhs of farmers across the country. SKM also vows to strengthen the movement, going forward, and also make it more widespread.

As the Government puts out information about bumper crop production across different crops by the end of this Kharif season, SKM raises its demand once again for an MSP guarantee law so that farmers do not lose out due to their bumper production. In the current anti-farmer policy environment, farmers always suffer with “Produce More” because that only leads to perishing and not prospering in the market.

Farmers Mahapanchayat held in Gorakhpur and Haridwar

Preparations are in full swing for making Bharat Bandh a success on September 27th. Various sections of society are being reached out to by farmer’s’ outfits in different parts of the country, to get their support and solidarity to the farmers’ cause, which is also becoming a movement to protect India’s democracy. Other than joint planning meetings of many farmers’ organisations, workers’ unions, trade unions, employees’ and students’ unions, women’s organisations, transporters associations and others are being roped in into the planning.

Mahapanchayats are also being organised to get more citizens to rally around the Bandh call. Bike rallies and cycle yatras are also being organised.

Uttar Pradesh: Sitapur sees Historic Kisan Mahapanchayat

A Kisan Mahapanchayat was organised in Uttar Pradesh CM’s constituency, Gorakhpur, yesterday, with a massive turnout. In UP, the farmers’ mobilisation is gradually moving out of Western UP and its intense farmers’ agitation so far, and spreading strongly to other regions. Toll plazas are slowly being freed up for the public in Uttar Pradesh also, like it happened near Mathura on the Yamuna Expressway yesterday. A Mahapanchayat took place in Laksar in Haridwar today.

Kabaddi competition to be held at Tikri Morcha and Singhu Border to raise awareness for Bharat Bandh

Photos from – Tikri Kabaddi Camp

Farmers have always taken pride in high quality sport in the country emerging mainly from farm families, just like jawans protecting the country at the borders are also mainly from farm families. Many medal and award winning sportspersons of India, across different sports, are from farming families. Against this backdrop, a Kabaddi league competition is being organised at Tikri Border today and tomorrow. The competition will move to Singhu Border on 24th, 25th and 26th. This is being done to raise awareness about farmers’ issues, and strengthen the movement.

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