CPI(M) to launch State-wide agitation in Karnataka against BJP’s proposed anti-conversion law

The agitation will start in the State from January 17 as the party believes the law is against the spirit of Indian Constitution framed by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.


The CPI (Marxist) has resolved to launch a State-wide agitation against the BJP government’s proposed anti-conversion act from January 17.

The resolution was passed unanimously during its 23rd State Level Convention being held in Gangavati taluk of Koppal district.

Describing the proposed law as anti-human, anti-constitution and aimed at harassing the minorities, the Communist Party of India (M) has sought public cooperation for the success of their event.

Making it clear that the Constitution of India guarantees freedom of religion to every citizen of the country, the resolution said that the BJP government of Karnataka is trying to take away that right with the Law.

The CPI(M) has demanded the government to withdraw the proposal and not make any attempt to formulate such anti-constitution laws.

The Convention said that the BJP government succeeded in clearing the Bill in the assembly. But as the party feared of losing it in the council due to lack of strength, it is now looking for an ordinance route to clear it. Strongly condemning the decision of the government, CPI(M) has urged the Governor not to give his consent to it.

“ Article 25 of the constitution gives freedom to every Indian to preach, propagate and follow any religion of his or her choice. Similarly, any person can, based on his or her will, convert to any religion. The freedom is given even to remain atheist. This is one of the fundamental rights of the citizen”.

Terming the decision as the sheer display of dictatorship, the party said that the BJP is claiming that the law is aimed at preventing forcible conversion or conversion by inducement. But in reality, the decision is purely political and aimed at religious polarization to grab Hindu votes in coming polls.

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When there is an existing law that prevents religious conversions done by means of inducement or forcibly, then what is the need for a new law. The CPI(M) opined.

The proposed law prohibits a person from converting to any other religion only for the sake of marriage.

Selection of religion and selection of life partner is purely the choice of the individual. Any adult person in the country has the full right to choose the religion and life partner of his or her choice. However the proposed law prevents inter-faith weddings. The BJP has ill-intentions to prevent inter-faith marriages in the State.

More dangerous part of the proposed law is that it openly allows other persons who have no relation with the couple, to file complaints of religious conversions. By making allegations of religious conversions, the government can shut any NGOs or institutions of the minority community.

The law gives the right to the government to prevent funding to such organizations. It also gives freehand to some so-called Hindutva activists to beat up any person and take law into their hands in the name of religious conversions.

Over 2000 years ago, Gautam Buddha and Mahaveer rejected the religion they were following and laid the foundation for new religions. Even Guru Nanak founded Sikh religion and many people embraced it.

The 12th century Sharanas such as Basaveshwara openly protested the then Vedic religions accusing it of propagating inequality. As a mark of their protest, they united the people to form a new religion.

“ Now, considering the proposed law of BJP, then saints such as Buddha, Mahaveer, Guru Nanak and Basavanna should be charged with religious conversions”, the party said.

It is not his/her choice to be born in a particular religion, but certainly, the person has the right to choose any religion after growing as an adult.

Every nation in the world which believes in democratic system, has approved such freedom and must approve it.

When people are deciding to convert to any other religion with their choice, then the seers and religious leaders should introspect the reason behind people quitting their religion.

Instead of forcibly preventing people from embracing any other religions, the religious Pandits should try to brood on the lacuna present in their religions.

They should try to win over the hearts of the people and should not forcibly prevent them from moving to any other religion.

No law can prevent people from following the religion of their choice. For the fear of law, one person may follow a particular religion in public, but mentally he may be following some other religion.

Considering all these aspects, the CPI(M) has decided to launch State-wide agitation against the proposed Act and also has appealed to the Governor not to give his consent to the law.


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