People should unite to fight against deadly combo of Hindutva and Corporate sector: Prakash Karat

Left parties have the history of emerging as alternate forces to all anti-people policies. and without strengthening the party, it is not possible to create an alternate force in the country.: Karat said.


Gangavati, Karnataka: Cautioning that the dangerous cocktail of Hindutva and Corporates sector has become a bane to the nation as they are snatching away the employment opportunities in India, CPI-M Politburo member Prakash Karat has called upon all Leftists and secular parties to join hands in order to fight against the deadly combination.

Speaking at the 23rd CPI-M State Convention held at Gangavati town of Koppal district, he said that the neo-liberal policies have become perelious to the nation.

He said that because of the Covid pandemic, innumerable people have got affected and their lives have been destroyed. Even in developed countries, the mortality rate was significantly high due to Covid.

“ One of the primary reasons for it is the weakening of the public healthcare system and strengthening of private, corporate companies”, Karat opined.

He claimed that a socialist country such as Cuba effectively controlled the pandemic as it is also using six types of vaccines.

“ This is the clear distinction between the socialist countries and capitalist countries”, he said.

The contrast between poor and developed countries is getting clearer during Covid pandemic. According to the reports, till date over 70% of the people of African countries have not received vaccines.

For their greed for money, the vaccine manufacturing companies are depriving a majority of poor people from the vaccine that provides protection to people from the virus.

The financially weak countries such as Africa are unable to purchase the expensive vaccines.

He lamented that even during the deadly pandemic, the Hindutva agenda is being openly and unabatedly propagated in the country.

Because of this fatal agenda, the economic condition of the country has nosedived. The employment has reached its peak in India.

The middle class people have been pushed to poverty and the poor have become poorer as their purchasing power has adversely affected.

Asserting that it is the result of the US-sponsored liberal policies, Karat said that already large-scale protest by youths is being witnessed in countries such as Chile and Latin America against such policies.

“ We are now seeing a trend where a communist led government is coming to power which is acting as the best alternative to the capitalist governments.

“ The anger of the people against the rightist government of the world is a clear indication of the changing time. We are now seeing the wheel of time spinning”, he remarked.

He claimed that India and other countries of Asia are making efforts for a coalition with the imperialistic America.

Such a coalition is being formed only to weaken China which is now emerging as the second strongest economic country in the world.

Stating that the Hindutva-Corporate collaboration is destroying public sector units, they are now being gradually grabbed by some private entities.

“ The BJP government has come forward to handover the profit-making public sector units to private companies under the pretext of national monetization pipeline scheme. The objective is very clear; for the mutual benefit of Hindutva-Corporate companies”, he said.

Karat asserted that the protests launched by farmers and laborers across the country, are putting brakes on the BJP government’s anti-people policies that are being implemented at a faster pace.

The strong resistances of the people are the primary weapons against the neo-liberal policies of the government.

“ Now, the responsibility lies on our shoulders to break this deadly combo of Hindutva-Corporate. The opportunist parties are not an alternative to this combo. These parties always carry compromising nature with the people’s aspirations for their political gains.  Only left and likeminded parties are an alternate force”, he said.

Karat said that left parties have the history of emerging as alternate forces to all anti-people policies. Without strengthening the party, it is not possible to create an alternate force in the country.

“ The party will hold deliberations in this regard in the coming national convention of the party in the coming days”, he said.

Accusing the Modi government of only making the people daydream about a new India, he said that India is marching backwards because of the strong Hindutva agenda of BJP.

The abrogation of article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir is one of the glaring examples for this. The efforts to implement NRC and laying of foundation stone for Ram Temple by PM Modi are clear examples of BJP’s anti-Constitution move.

The BJP is trying to saffronize constitutional institutions, which will only weaken their aims and objective of serving aggrieved people.

The BJP has been keeping the parliament process in suspension and clearing various policies unilaterally without taking the opposition into confidence.

Referring to Karnataka’s proposed anti-conversion act, Karat said with the Act, the BJP government wants to threaten Christian community. The attacks of Churches have increased in the country.

“ Decades ago, one of the prominent pro-Hindutva ideologues, late M. S. Golwalkar had spread canards that communists and Christians were internal enemies of the country. The BJP is only trying to continue this false belief”, he said.

With regard to the BJP government’s proposed decision of freeing Muzarai temple from government control, Karat suspected that the objective is only to let BJP supporters grab huge properties of the temples. At the same time, the BJP wants to hand over the complete control of the temple to the RSS.

He ended the speech with the call to fight against these fascist forces and to formulate future course of action in this regard.

The party will be holding a national level convention in April in Kannur.

Nityanandaswamy, M. A. Bebi, B. V. Raghuvalu, U. Basavaraj, G. Nagaraj, S. Varalaksmi, K. Shankar and others were present.


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June 2024


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