Capitol hill siege: How global media covered the incident


The world watched yesterday as pro-Trump extremists stormed the Capitol hill. January 6, 2021, will be remembered as an act of domestic terrorism against the United States; as a national tragedy; and as a real-life manifestation of online radicalization.

The invasion by pro-Trump supporters on the US Capitol building was met around the world with outrage and condemnation.

In India, many spoke critical of Prime Minister Modi’s endorsement of President Donald Trump during the campaign time and remarked on the honesty of an Indian prime minister endorsing such a candidate. Many could find parallels with Indian Bajrang Dal. Also how quickly the incident was taken under control and congress resumed and certified the victory of Joe Biden.

We are looking at how the American media and global media covered the incident. We must also think how Indian media who is known to be an arm of the ruling party would have reported the incident.

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