Press conference to address communal polarisation attempts by BJP

Bengaluru: With the Hijab row showing no signs of ending soon, various pro-people organizations of the State have now vowed to launch a massive and united campaign against the right wing forces for trying to create communal divide in the society in the name of Hijab and saffron shawls.

These progressive forces in Karnataka strongly believe that the constant and planned conspiracy has been hatched to snatch away the right to education and freedom of choice of religion guaranteed by the Constitution.

A united fight is the need of the hour to fight against such ill-intentions.

“ With the objective of hiding the failures, the BJP is behind creating controversy over Hijab to divert public attention. We must not let the BJP succeed in its evil plans”, said a federation of pro-people organizations.

Karnataka is known for its strong secular credentials. But the BJP is making every effort to sow the seeds of communal hatred in the name of Hijab and saffron stole.
Mainly thousands of Muslims students are being forced out of their right to education without any of their fault. They have been forced to stay outside the main gates of the colleges and continue their right to education. The Government which has the responsibility to provide a good administration, is instigating people for communal violence.

In the press conference the activists slammed the government for its evil designs.”Instead of working for the welfare of the people, the government is deploying its machinery to create communal divide.”- Activists said.

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The organizations also criticized the government for creating a minor issue into a major controversy which has made the civil society hang its head in shame.They also highlighted the role of a section of media in adding oil to the fire with their one sided, partial and prejudiced reporting.

“The students who should be studying and working hard to build their careers are being instigated to become prey to the dirty politics of the BJP. The innocent students are being brainwashed and are now standing against their own classmates and have become their enemies. The communal organizations such as Sangh Parivar are behind these evil acts. It is just not possible that the students are reacting to the situation spontaneously. What is crystal clear is that systematic agenda being hatched and implemented by the rightwing elements in the State”, the organisations accused the government.

Activists also expressed concern over the education of the students, mainly the Muslim students as their education has taken severe beating in this whole incident.

“ We all know that the report of the Sachar committee found that the socio-economic condition of Muslims in India is worse than Dalits. In such a situation, it was the duty of the Government to ensure better education opportunities to Muslims students, mainly the girls. But instead of that, the situation is being created where the students are being forced to discontinue their education. This is grossly unacceptable and disheartening”, One of the coalition member spoke during the press conference.

They said that it will create a big uncertainty over the future of not only the girls and the entire students’ fraternity. The educational atmosphere will only get poisonous.

The education system that has already been adversely affected due to Covid pandemic and was gradually limping back to its feet. Now, even before the situation becomes normal, this controversy over Hijab was created. It certainly has long term repercussions on the education in the State, many feared.

Concerned citizens coalition also stated that the exorbitant fees and rampant donation in educational institutions was already squeezing out the hard earnings of financially weaker students.

Even after facing these hardship, after completion of education also youth are struggling to find employment. “When this is the hard reality, constant efforts are being made to brush these issues of youth under the carpet under the garb of Hijab and saffron shawls.

In such turbulent times, all those who believe strongly in the aspirations of the Constitution and those who wish to see harmony prevail in the State, should all join under one roof to fight against the anti-people forces. The coalition need the press conference on this note.


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December 2023


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