Bhagat Singh Relatives visit SInghu Border at Pagdi Sambhal Diwas

Farmer leaders said that once the turban was the pride of the farmer but the government has forced farmers to use turban for hanging


Today, on the national call of SKM, Pagdi Sambal Divas was celebrated by the farmers. Farmers celebrated this day by expressing their self-respect at the dharnas going on the borders of Delhi. During this program, the farmers wore their traditional turbans and sang songs of the peasant movement.

Cultural programs took place at the Singhu border. Family members of Shaheed Bhagat Singh also attended the program. Bhagat Singh’s nephew Mr Abhay Sandhu, Teji Sandhu, Anuspriya Sandhu and Gurjeet Kaur were present in the program. Farmers leaders honoured them with turbans and a memento. Abhay Sandhu warned the government that if the government does not accept the demands of the farmers till March 23 (Martyrdom day of Shaheed Bhagat Singh), then he will go on a fast unto death in support of the farmers. Abhay Sandhu also saluted the courage of the farmers and wished the movement to be successful.

SKM leaders explained the importance of Pagdi Sambhal Lehar of 1906 and said that at that time also, the government had passed 3 anti-farmer laws against which the peasant movement started and it was successful. The unity of the farmers proves that this movement will also be successful.

Pagdi Sambhal Diwas observed in various states

In Nandurbar of Maharashtra, NAPM, AIKSCC, JASS, Narmada Bachao Andolan, Pagdi Sambhal Day was organised.

‘Pagri Sambhal Divas’ called by SKM was observed by AIKKMS in Bhiwani city today. Mass procession held from Dinod gate to Nehru Park. All pledged to fulfil the behest of our great warriors of freedom struggle including Sardar Ajeet Singh as a symbol of the Pagri Sambhal movement in British India.

Today the birthday of Swami Sahajanand Saraswati was also celebrated. The farmers’ leaders spoke about Swami Sahajanand’s role in nation-building and mass movements. Farmer leaders said that this is a fight for the freedom of farmers and they will succeed in it.

Farmer leaders said that once the turban was the pride of the farmer but the government has forced farmers to use turban for hanging. Farming is already going through a very deep crisis, now the implementation of these three laws and the non-availability of MSP will deepen this crisis further and the farming will be ruined badly.

South Indian Delegation at Delhi borders

A batch of farmers from South India, mainly farmers from Karnataka and Telangana, reached the Tikri border today. These farmers say that the government repeatedly rejects this movement by calling it a movement of a particular area, rather this movement belongs to the farmers across the country. According to them, the repeal of these laws and getting a legal guarantee on MSP is very important, which is the issue of farmers across the country.

SKM condemns BJP leaders and Police attempts to discredit the movement 

BJP leaders and activists, who came to discredit the farmers’ struggle in western Uttar Pradesh, attacked the farmers. Instead of taking action against the BJP workers, the police arrested the farmers. We strongly oppose the government’s anti-farmer conspiracies. Everyday efforts are being made by the BJP to discredit the farmers’ movement. We will not let them succeed and this struggle of the farmers will surely succeed.

Some posters have been put up by the Delhi Police on the Tikri border, in which farmers have been warned to vacate the Morcha. Such posters are irrelevant where farmers are demonstrating peacefully by exercising their fundamental rights. We oppose this move of the police and appeal to the farmers to continue the peaceful protest. Such threats and warnings will be strongly opposed.


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