Bangalore University Collects Exam Fees Amidst Pandemic: Student organisations Demands Free Education

Parents and Students are under immense financial stress and more and more students are considering dropping out of the educational system.

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Bangalore University in its latest order has announced August 15th as the deadline for students to pay their examination fees. The university has also ordered its students to pay for college enrollment fees for the upcoming academic year as well. Karnataka Vidyarthi Sanghatane (KVS) – a student organization has opposed the university’s order and warned that the students would be forced to undertake protests if the order is not withdrawn immediately.

Speaking to, Sarovar Benkikere, State Convenor of Karnataka Vidyarthi Sanghatane said- ‘

The coronavirus pandemic is badly haunting the world. India is leaping ahead to become the VishwaGuru in terms of the number of people tested Covid positive. The families and households of the poor, daily wage labourers, farmers, and street vendors amongst many others have not yet recovered from financial issues that they faced due to lockdown. It is regrettable that private institutions are using these terrible times as an opportunity. Now, even public institutions are taking the same path. Both Bengaluru University and Bengaluru Central University must not collect fees during these times.”

We have been demanding since the imposition of the first round of lockdown that the government should bear the examination fees and fees for this academic year and not demand that the students, their parents or household pay for education or to at least reduce the fees and provide them options of paying in installments and at their convenience.

However, the government and education institutions have partnered together to extort students and parents! They are under immense financial stress and are worried. Hence, this time more and more students are considering dropping out of the educational system. This stance of the University to extort money from students in the name of fees for education would deprive students especially hailing from vulnerable communities including lower classes and women. Our state government is directly responsible for this,” he said.

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Sarovar has also noted that KVS Student Leaders met the Vice-Chancellor of Professor S Japhet in this regard today. “Prof. S Japhet has acknowledged the issues and has assured us to address the issue in the best possible way taking into consideration the students’ interests. We will be meeting the Vice-Chancellor of Bangalore University Dr Venugopal tomorrow” he added.


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