Adivasi groups in Odisha demand Koraput be made a separate state

Among the major demand is to put an immediate stop to the sale of Adivasi lands, forests, and other natural resources to corporations and address the issue of mining and displacement in the region.

Courtesy: Sharanya Nayak

On World Indigenous Day, the Koraputia Jan Surakhya Sangh demanded the undivided Koraput region in Odisha, consisting of Koraput, Malkangiri, Rayagada, and Nabarangpur districts be declared a separate state for development and justice of the Adivasi communities in the region. 

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The organisation has outlined the demands of the organization as follows: 

  1. We demand immediate recognition of community forest lands in the name of respective Adivasi villages under FRA
  2.  We demand complete implementation of all provisions of PESA Act
  3. We demand that the displaced families of HAL, NALCO, Upper Kolab, Machchkund, Indravati, and Balimela dams be compensated adequately along with employment assurance for sustainable livelihoods
  4.  We demand that all the lands which were acquired forcefully and fraudulently by the above projects and continue to remain unutilized be immediately returned to the original land-owning communities. Until the above demands are not completely recognized and resolved, all mining and extractive activities in the region are shutdown
  5. We demand that except for government schools, all private educational institutions and initiatives be closed down on an urgent basis
  6. We demand the immediate close down of all liquor brewing and selling units in undivided Koraput region
  7. We demand that the revenue money which has been generated from mining and extraction activities be utilized strictly within the undivided Koraput region
  8. We demand that all the expenditures made through the District Mineral Fund be publicly announced to the Adivasi peoples for greater transparency and accountability
  9. We demand the immediate stopping of approving the conversion of farmlands to urban housing projects and other related estate constructions.
  10. We demand immediate stopping of the sell-out of Adivasi lands, forests, waters, and other natural resources to corporations, state and privately owned.
  11. We demand proper implementation of MGNREGA and all other employment generation programs of the government.
  12. We demand according of Hill Tribes status to all indigenous communities of undivided Koraput region.

They also condemned the government for spending taxpayers money in the building of the Ram Mandir and statues, instead of investing in healthcare and education facilities, especially in the Koraput region.

The Koraputia Jan Surakhya Sangh has in the past, resisted the exploitative mining activities of Vedanta in Danga Deula hill in Koraput district of Orissa. 


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