Actor Siddharth receives over 500 threat calls: Alleges TN BJP for leaking his Phone number

" I will not shut up. Keep trying. @narendramodi @AmitShah" noted the actor in his tweets implying the attempt of BJP to shut-down its critiques


Film Actor Siddharth has tweeted that he and his family have been receiving threatening and abusive calls. The actor alleged that his phone number was leaked by Tamilnadu BJP and it is BJP IT Cell that is behind this. He has received 500 calls abusing his family and threatening of rape and death.

In the tweet he mentioned that he has recorded the call and submitted the details of the calls to the Police.

His tweet read: “My phone number was leaked by members of TN BJP and @BJPtnITcell. Over 500 calls of abuse, rape and death threats to me & family for over 24 hrs. All numbers recorded (with BJP links and DPs) and handing over to Police. I will not shut up. Keep trying. @narendramodi @AmitShah “.

In connection with the above tweet, he has also noted that “This is one of many social media posts by BJP TN members leaking my number yesterday and telling people to attack and harass me. “Ivan inimela vaaye thirakka koodathu” (this fellow must never open his mouth again) We might survive Covid. Will we survive these people?”

Siddharth is one the very few vocal critics of Modi and the BJP government in the South Indian film Industry. In earlier instances, he had vehemently opposed the making India as the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and Beef ban. He was recently in the news for criticizing the BJP government over the mishandling of the Covid crisis where he had noted “When you are voted out of power one day, this country will truly be vaccinated. It’s coming. We will still be here… at least to remind you of this tweet.”


Attempts like these to silence celebrated critiques of the ruling BJP regime have not been new. Earlier this year, the incumbent West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had noted that the BJP is threatening actress Debleena Dutt Mukherjee who was subjected to massive online sexual harassment.

Siddharth is not just a known face in Southern Cinema, he is quite well known among the Hindi cinegoers. He is most known for his role as Bhagat Singh in the blockbuster movie ‘Rang De Basanti’.

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