World Mental Health Day 2020: Kindness is the need of the Hour

Good mental health is not just about being free from mental illness.


World Mental Health Day is observed every year on 10th October for global mental health education, awareness, advocacy against the social stigma that is often attached to it. This year’s theme is of grest significance and importance is kindness.

It’s the day when millions of supporters around the world celebrate the day by participating in wellness programs and by bringing to attention the major effects and major illnesses related to mental health.

Good mental health is not just about being free from mental illness, it also involves the ability to better handle everything life throws at you and fulfill one’s full potential. A lot of people associate mental health with emotional well being. Either way, good mental health is as important as good physical health, if not more.

The ongoing Covid-19 lockdown and social isolation have already started breaking down the economy, livelihoods, businesses, jobs, relationships, and whatnot, which all are channeling a huge imbalance in the mental health of the mass population. We must get emotionally and mentally ready with a solution-centric approach to face the shift that has started to happen. In view of the rising demnd many free counselling sessions, seminars and stress management workshops are being conducted.

According to WHO’s recent report, India is the most depressed country in the world. The report suggests that one in seven people from India have suffered from mental illness such as depression and anxiety from 1990 and 2017. It is an alarming situation for the country to secure the future of upcoming generations.

Mental Illness is still a taboo in Indian society and people hesitates to talk on such topic as they are afraid that they might face discrimination because of it. There is also a very low number of health professionals to deal with mental health issues in India and has been suffering from chronic underfunding. Thus, it has become very important to invest in mental health programs not only in India, but across the globe.

To prevent mental illness here are few tips to boost your mental health.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

This is in your control. You need to stay miles away from any kind of negativity as it contributes to mental health problems. Be a self-motivator and understand self-worth. You are unique and can achieve everything in life. This is what you need to tell yourself. Always think about the positives of a situation and try to look for the solution.


We know this is the most commonly advised thing to do to improve mental health. But, that’s only because it is therapeutic and plays a significant role in boosting your psychological health. When you indulge in exercise, your body releases mood-boosting and stress-relieving hormones called endorphins, that help in feeling fresh and happy. Exercise is a powerful antidote to depression, stress, and anxiety. You can also do yoga asanas to calm your mind and make it stress-free.

Eat Good Food

One must include healthy food in your daily diet and nourish your brain. Having carbohydrate-rich food items increases the secretion of serotonin that has a calming effect on your mind. Eating protein-rich foods helps in the secretion of norepinephrine, dopamine, and tyrosine that help you remain alert. Also, including food items rich in omega-3 fatty and Vitamin D acids in your daily diet can improve mood and help in better cognitive function.

Share Your Feelings

Keeping your emotions and feelings to yourself can lead to an accumulation of toxins in the body and that contributes to stress and anxiety. To improve your emotional well-being, you need to confide to people you trust. Talk to them, share what you feel, and listen to what they advise. Believe us, you will feel much better. Also, socializing makes you feel happy and relaxed. We are a social animal and so must keep interacting. Without socializing, we cannot exist.

Sleep Enough

Sleep a significant part of our lives. It serves various purposes. It not only repairs your damaged cells and helps in healing but also keeps your mind functional. Without taking proper sleep, you won’t be able to concentrate, think, and act. A lack of enough sleep can affect your psychological health in ways you cannot even imagine. Sleep deprivation creates stress, headache, and harms your mood. Therefore, you must practice good habits to get better sleep. Do not expose your eyes to blue light an hour before bedtime and restrict yourself from having caffeine-containing drinks in the morning and at night too.

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