Karnataka: Who Killed Deputy-Speaker Dharmegowda?

While the death noted his disappointments on the recent developments in Legislative Council, it did not hint at any powerful reasons for his death.


SL Dharmegowda deputy Speaker of Karnataka’s Legislative Council was found dead in a train accident. Those who knew Dharmegowda well are still unable to believe that he succumbed to suicide. But the death note found in his pocket is evidence of his suicide. The letter did not note any such powerful reasons for suicide. However, he was disappointed with the recent happenings in the Karnataka Legislative Council. It has to suspect that the whole incident was the reason for his suicide.

Dharme Gowda
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Dharmegowada led a political career as an MLA, Member of the Legislative Council, and served as the President of Chikkamagaluru’s DCC Bank. Although he was loyal towards JDS, he has never involved in any uncivil political conflicts with the opposition nor had involved himself in hateful debates. None of his followers or friends had witnessed him lose courage and confidence in any case.

At the outset, it seems that there existed any problems in the family. He also shared a close relationship with his brother Bhojegowdar, who is also an MLC. Deputy Speakership came to him unexpectedly. He never expressed any aspirations to hold higher offices apart from that. Nevertheless, many questions surround what might have been a strong reason for Dharmegowda’s suicide.

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JDS State President HD Kumaraswamy has made serious allegations that the suicide of his close associate is “a political murder”. The political system and the recent happening in the State’s Legislative Council. People involved in this have to be investigated and prosecuted. We all need to introspect” he said.

BJP and Congress leaders have not responded to the allegation and tried to maintain distance without politicizing the case.

If Kumaraswamy’s statement is true that Dharmegowda’s suicide was the outcome of the recent political upheaval in the Legislative Council, all political parties must be held guilty. If people like Dharmegowda succumb to such thoughts of committing suicide with people who have got no respect for constitutional values around, then this is not suicide. It becomes a murder. All three parties have to stand as accused murderers in the courtroom.

Adherence to political values and Constitutional norms had died a death a long time ago. The only type of politics that exists now is “insidious politics.” It is not surprising even if more people succumb to it. Dharmegowda has left back many suspicions and messages which must get revealed through an impartial and ethical investigation.


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