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Soshim Keishing, a UPSC aspirant from Kamjong district in Manipur was beaten up by the local authorities in Rayotang, Ukhrul, where he currently resides.

According to the victim’s brother, Soshim and a fellow UPSC aspirant had gone to the authorities to request a travel pass to travel pass to travel to Imphal for their exams. The students were reluctant to pay the 50 Rupees fee for the same as they were hoping for a student concession, but following an argument with the authorities, they obliged.

“My brother had returned home when the secretary called him through the phone and asked him to come to the office again. He told the secretary that he had to study for his exams and he wasn’t interested in taking the argument any further. This was when the secretary took this personally and started berating and framing my brother for disrespecting the local authorities. My brother responded by asking the secretary if he was bluffing him and agreed to meet him at the house of one of the committee members,” the brother stated, according to a report in the Ukhrul Times.

An argument followed when the two met and, the secretary allegedly took him the community jail. Soshim repeated that he should be allowed a concession as he is a student, and not a businessman, the younger brother said. The authorities apparently took this personally, and framed it as disrespect towards and revolt against authorities, and told him to apologise.

When Soshim refused, they threatened the two to leave the locality within three days. When the victim refused to comply to this, he was handed over to the local action committee, who took him to a closed room and thrashed him till he was battered and bruised.

The beating was so brutal that Soshim eventually passed out. He was since admitted to a hospital and is on oxygen.

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February 2024


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