UP: IFFCO Boiler Burst, Many Workers Feared Dead


Two workers were killed and about half a dozen were injured when a boiler at the IFFCO factory in Phulpur district of Allahabad exploded on Tuesday afternoon. Locals are afraid that there are more casualties as many could be buried in the rubble.

Senior IFFCO officials, police and fire tenders rushed to the factory, located 30 kms away from the district headquarters at Phulpur on Jaunpur- Gorakhpur highway.

According to workersunity.com, the incident happened at lunch time. The reason behind the explosion was not known immediately. During the incident there was a breakdown at the factory.

IFFCO factory is situated at 30Km away from Allahabad at the Jaunpur-Gorakhpur national Highway and has two units that produce Ammonia and Urea.

The injured have been taken to the hospital and heavy force is deployed outside the plant.

This is not the first time such an incident has happened at the plant. In Dec 22 2020 as well, an Assistant Manager and a Deputy Manager were killed and about 14 others had fainted when ammonia gas leaked from its plant.

Meanwhile, angry family members and relatives have blocked the highway demanding compensation and action against guilty engineers.

The congress has demanded Rs 10 Lakhs compensation and jobs to families of those died.


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