UP Congress President Ajay Kumar Lallu arrested on his way to Sonbhadra

A year ago, in a long-pending land dispute, the village chief opened fire killing 10 Adivasi villagers in the area.

Ajay Kumar

Police have arrested UP Congress President Ajay Kumar Lallu while he was on his way to attend A program in Sonbhadra UP.

The program called Balidan Diwas (Sacrifice Day) was organised in memory of 10 Adivasi who had lost their lives in police firing last year. Ajay Kumar Lallu´s vehicle was stopped by police and he was arrested. He wanted to meet the Adivasis and their families. Lot of police force was put up for his journey.



During the arrest, he said that under the BJP government, atrocities on Dalits and Adivasis are continuing. This can be seen in different districts from UP to MP. He mentioned about the incident on Dalits in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh.





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