Three friends provide free meals to the Covid patients in Bengaluru!

Humanitarian works like this are deeply appreciated during these times of hardship

Workers Prepare and Pack food for providing it to Covid Patients at Stegi Restaurant at Jayanagar

The second wave of Covid-19 has troubled the entire country. With more than three lakh cases being reported nationwide, the number of active cases in Bangalore has crossed 30 thousand. The situation in Karnataka has been so worse with a severe shortage of hospital beds that Covid infected patients are returning back home for quarantining without being allocated beds and oxygen supplies have also been inadequate. In many places, the entire family has been hit by Corona, that none of them are able to care for their families. Two youths who encountered similar problems have volunteered to help others by providing free meals to people who are hospitalized and quarantined in Bangalore.

Siddharth, Ankit and Nikhil are the ones who have initiated this work. Originally from West Bengal, they have been residents of Bengaluru for more than 20 years now. The trio, who are friends since childhood and are entrepreneurs by profession, are distributing free meals, both lunch and dinner to the people quarantined or admitted to hospitals in Bengaluru. The menu of the meal includes 3 chapatis, Dal, Vegetable Sabzi, Sambar Rice along with Banana for lunch.

Their initiative comes from their own experiences of being infected with Covid-19 and being quarantined. People infected with the virus usually experience a lot of problems including body and joint aches, diarrhea, and headaches. Realizing that it is difficult for people to cook for themselves at this time, these entrepreneurs have already supplied nutritious food for hundreds of Covid infected patients in Bengaluru with the desire to contribute their best at these difficult times.

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Speaking about their project to GauriLankeshNews.Com, Siddharth said, “I too am infected with Covid. Currently, I’m quarantined. I’ll be out in a day or two. At first, I felt it very difficult to do chores at my house. My friend shared that the situation was the same for him too. Three of us talked within ourselves about it and started the initiative in order to. help others. We both manage a restaurant called Stegi. The boys working in our restaurant prepare and pack the food. Anyone who needs a meal usually sends someone they know to collect the food or get it delivered through Dunzo and others apps.”

The initiative to provide free meals to people, which began the day before yesterday (Thursday), has been received well by people and we prepared the food for about 165 people in the afternoon. There are about 500 phone calls coming in for every mealtime for which we are supplying meals. Sometimes there are too many calls wherein we are unable to receive calls.” he said.  He said that they are now planning to deliver meals to even hospitals and suggested to people that they do not fear Corona. He also requested people to rest sufficiently at home and get the needed medication.

If anyone who is Covid infected wants food, they can get a meal through:

If there’s a requirement for lunch, the order has to be placed by phone or whatsapp within 10 AM. Arrangements should be made to collect lunch between 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM. (It can be taken directly from Stegi Restaurant in Jayanagar or ordered through other food delivery options, including Dunzo or Swiggy. Delivery charges must be borne by people themselves). Similarly, orders for the dinner must be placed by 5 in the evening and the meals are collected between 7.00 – 8:30 PM. Those in need, Contact Siddharth – 9986694781, Nikhil – 9663313417, Ankit – 8553389893.

Humanitarian works like this are deeply appreciated during these times of hardship. These young entrepreneurs are setting us examples of making attempts to aid people. When team asked them to provide us their pictures so that we could publish the same, they rejected it with humility by stating “It’s our responsibility. There’s no need that our photos need to be in it. If possible please publish the pictures of our workers working in our restaurant who are working hard every day to reach more people.” Our team salutes their commitment and efforts.


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