Tamil Nadu: Rowdy Sheeter flees the BJP party ceremony on seeing Cops

In a major embarrassment for Tamil Nadu BJP, the BJP party workers to induct a rowdy sheeter. However, upon seeing police during the party function the notorious gangster fled away.

By inducting Karnataka Singham K. Annamalai an ex IPS officer into the party fold Bharathiya Janata Party had shown high hopes to create ground in Tamil Nadu, where the Dravidian ideology is the main political force.

It was a major embarrassment when party office bearers themselves tried to induct a rowdy sheeter. However, upon seeing police during the party function the notorious gangster fled away. Surya was wanted in a case under section 41 of CrPc which will enable the police to nab the notorious without a warrant.

Notorious rowdy infamously known as Red Hills Surya was about to officially join the saffron party. Surya had intended to launch his political career under the patronage of state unit president L. Murugan at Vandalur that comes under the jurisdiction of the Chengalpattu district.

The party president was about to hand over the party flag to welcome him but the situation became comical when the notorious gangster Surya fled the scene upon seeing the police. The Chengalapattu district police got tip-off of the history-sheeter and rushed to the spot to nab him. Although Surya managed to escape, the police were only able to catch hold of six persons who were in possession of knives.


Popularly known as Singham of Karnataka K. Annamalai had recently joined BJP in Tamilnadu launching his political career. Ex IPS officer openly came into the support of Prime Minister Narendra and he was joining BJP only because of its nationalistic ideology.

However, the recent attempt to induct rowdy sheeter into BJP expressively gives message that BJP has more interest in grabbing the power inducting people irrespective of their criminal antecedents rather than developing a nationalistic approach and sticking to its ideology.

It is even more evident as recently gangster-like Khalavettu Ravi and Satyaraj were inducted into the party fold, all these party level developments were taking only after the Ex IPS officer K. Annamalai officially joined the Saffron party.

Surya is accused in more than fifty criminal cases and is also facing serious charges of murder, attempt to murder, and use of explosives and is the most wanted person in Tamil Nadu.

Subsequently, after the fleeing and arrest of the six persons, BJP party workers have protested in front of the police station seeking the release of two of its party workers. However party president L Murugan stated that he was not aware of the criminal antecedents of the persons joining the party.

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April 2024


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