Tamil Nadu Activists Enroute Delhi Stopped by Tamil Nadu Police

Gaurilankeshnews.com was informed that the Chennai police barged into the railway coach and made the activists get off the train along with their belongings.


Four social activists from Tamil Nadu who were to join the ongoing farmers’ protest on Delhi borders were stopped and detained by the police, from the Chennai central junction railway station at 9:00 pm on February 21, 2021. Dheyvammal, an advocate who was one among the detained spoke to gaurilankeshnews.com and explained that she, Thangapandian and Sivakumar, senior activists had travelled from Madurai to Chennai to travel to Delhi. Another activist called Ganesh was set free after the train left for Delhi. Other four members who were also part of the team of social activists en route Delhi along with these four activists had to disperse. 

All the four detained activists were released the same evening and they have left for Delhi from Chennai today. Gaurilankeshnews.com was informed that the Chennai police barged into the railway coach and made the activists get off the train along with their belongings. The police failed to give any explanation for this detention. Narrating the events of the evening Dheyvammal told us that the police detained them and took their contact details and set them free after twenty minutes. 

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The ongoing farmers’ movement in the country has been a national movement. The Narendra Modi-Amit Shah led central government and the media houses sincerely serving as propaganda machines of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, have been claiming that the farmers’ movement is restricted to the state of Punjab. This false narrative goes on to colour the eighty-nine days long movement as an international and an anti-national conspiracy to defame India. However, the increasing support flowing from across the country to the protesting farmers are bursting these bubbles of lies. One of such efforts of showing solidarity and debunking the conspiracy theories of the state can be seen in the delegation of 150 social activists from southern India joining the farmers protesting at the Delhi borders. 

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The delegation will be in Delhi on February 23, 2021 to convey the message of unity and solidarity with the ongoing farmers’ struggles. The team has sixty-four people from Karnataka, forty from various organizations in Andhra Pradesh, thirty from Telangana, and ten from Tamil Nadu. Many more will join the team after February 23. Dheyvammal and others are part of this delegation. As reported earlier about this delegation, This initiative from South India is part of the coordinated efforts to resist the continuous onslaught on people’s rights. Protests against farm laws are happening all over the country. The team is planning to carry posters and banners with it and start the campaign on awareness of the farmers’ struggle while on their way.

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