Suvarna Kannada news channel continues its habit of airing lewd, insensitive content on female celebrities

Suvarna News has come under sharp criticism for airing objectionable news on actors, Sanjana, Samantha and Malaika Arora.

Suvarna-Kannada news channel is coming under criticism sharply from people for presenting extremely objectionable news about some female celebrities.

What is appalling is that despite a large section of readers and viewers expressing anger at the channel for its insensitive reporting on women, the channel has continued to air such news.

Recently, the channel was reprimanded by Kannada actress Sanjana Galrani for airing some objectionable content about her. This news had gone viral and viewers too stood by the actress.

After being criticized from all corners, one of the staff of the channel had announced that the channel will not telecast any news related to Sanjana.

Despite this shameful episode, the Channel continues to air low-grade news about women celebrities.

Just recently, the channel aired similar objectionable news about South Indian actress, Samanta. The channel aired a programme with the title, ‘ Samanta is pregnant after divorce, fans shocked’.

Now, even cheaper and further low grade news has been aired by the channel. The news is about bollywood actress Malaika Arora where the title says ‘ Malaika goes on morning walk, without wearing bra’.

Thinker, N. Diwakar has described such news as the moral bankruptcy of the channel in his facebook post.

“ A few decades ago, the print media protected its respect and independence.  Media had still not become a product like any other which is sold in the market. The morality was still existed in the media. It was that time when some porn magazines in regional languages were gradually entering into the market which had become instantly hit among some youth. A section of the society which was against the introduction of such magazines, were disgusted over the development. They felt that the media should not compromise on morality.

Even in such a phase, the then media retained its moral values by not getting lured to TRP or readership craze.

“ But unfortunately during the digital era, the media have sold themselves and no morality is left. These media have been acting like surrogate porn magazines by giving low-level news. The development has gone beyond the sphere of the word ‘ moral bankruptcy’  as the media has sold itself to money-driven market forces. The media has lost gender sensitivity and decency”, he remarked.

When a section of media have lost social courtesy and human dignity from their channel, then how it is possible to expect any kind of gender sensitivity from them”, he questioned.

“ There is a limit even for moral bankruptcy and compromising on the values for money. Suvarna channel has become exposed by crossing all these limits. I would say that Suvarna channel has become synonymous with the word, moral bankruptcy by crossing all the limits of decency. What else can be said about the channel”, Diwakar said in his post.

The channel has uploaded the post related to its news on Malaika on its facebook page which has received over 500 comments.

By reading some of the comments, it is easy to gauge the anger of the people about the news.

“ Don’t you feel ashamed about writing such cheap content about women? Will you talk about your sisters too in the same manner”, comments one of the reader.

Another reader Usha wondered is the channel has no other issues related to public or development?. “ We have many civic issues in our town, why don’t you raise such people-centric issues. Some women have some medical issues which is why they avoid putting on underwear. What right does the channel have to question it”, she said.

“Dear Suvarna Web, recently actress Sanjana reprimanded you. Was it not enough for you to have continued to air such cheap news. What is your business in one’s decision of wearing or not wearing garments of their choice? If possible show similar interest in working for the needy people through your news. It might help them”, said one of the residents of Mysuru.

Soumya Hedge, another reader, has said that because of channels such as Suvarna, the entire media gets a bad name.

The news was published in our sister website It has been translated into English by Firoz Rozinder


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June 2024


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