Sudarshan News Shows Photoshopped Visuals of Medina Mosque Being Bombed, FIR Filed

Chavhanke has a reputation of making inflammatory statements on his TV show Bindas Bol. He is a member of RSS and ABVP.

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The Hindu nationalist news channel Sudarshan News’s program ‘Bindas Bol’ has repeatedly stirred controversies by broadcasting communal episodes and spreading hate speech. Its editor-in-chief Suresh Chavhanke who had been a member of right-wing Hindu group Rashtriya Sewa Sangh (RSS) and Akhil Bharatiya Vishwa Parishad (ABVP), is known for the show ‘Bindas Bol’.

On May 18, an FIR was filed against Sudarshan News for using a photoshopped graphic in an episode of Bindas Bol titled ‘Bindas Bol on Israel’ which was based on the recent Israeli attacks on Palestine.

The show presented a graphic that falsely showed the Al-Masjid An Nabawi mosque in Medina as being located in Gaza and was being bombed by the Israeli forces. The episode focused on why Indians should extend their support to the Israeli forces who were perpetrating violence on Palestinians and following that line of argument the above-mentioned graphic was shown.

Chavhanke, the Sudarshan chief emphasized that Indians must support Israel because Israel is “rightfully killing its enemies and jihadis”, Newslaundry reported.

Even though India has supported Palestine at the UN Security Council debate earlier this month, among the right-wing groups, there has been a growing sentiment against the Palestinians which is founded in the Muslim identity of the Palestinians.

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Raza Academy, an Islamic organization based out of Mumbai has filed an FIR against the channel in Pydhonie police station in the city for spreading animosity and hurting religious sentiments amongst other charges.

Afterward, the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) took note of the episode and wrote to union minister Prakash Javdekar from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

The letter mentioned that the episode contained an “attack on religions or communities”, promoted “communal attitude” and is “likely to encourage or incite violence”. It also said that the false communal representation can negatively influence the relations between India and Saudi Arabia. The channel defended its episode on the lines of ‘freedom of artistic expression’.

Last year the show grabbed national attention for its episode titled ‘UPSC Jihad‘ where it said that Muslims have strategically infiltrated the civil services using monetary support provided from various terrorist groups, the Newslaundry reported. The episode was questioned in the Supreme Court and was deemed “offensive” in the government’s submission to the court.

Earlier the episode’s anchor and channel’s chief Chavhanke was arrested by the Lucknow police in 2016 for attempting to spread “communal hatred” and was also accused of sexual abuse by a former colleague.


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