Guess Who Cant Take Sarcasm?

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On 17 May, Ms Nidhi Choudhari, A Maharashtra IAS officer tweeted, “What an exceptional celebration of 150th birth year is going on. High time, we remove his face from our currency, his statutes from across the world, rename institutions/roads named after him! That would be a real tribute from all of us! ThankU Godse for 30.01.1948.”

Ms. Choudhari, had not expected such a fallout of one of her tweets about Mahatma Gandhi. Her sarcastic take questioning the celebration of Mahatma Gandhi anniversary landed her in trouble with the Nationalist Congress Party MLA Jitendra Ahwad. Mr. Ahwad demanded her immediate suspension for her “derogatory” tweet against father of the nation.

She later deleted her tweet and claimed it was written in a sarcastic vein but mistakenly taken at face value. She further clarified that she would never insult Mahatma Gandhi and was reacting to the negative posts on Gandhi on social media lately. She said she is pained to see the present reverence of Mahatma Gandhi killer, Nathuram Godse.

Ms. Choudhari had posted her earlier tweets where she is admiring Mahatma Gandhi to prove her point.

Ms. Nidhi Chowdhari has atleast corrected her mistake. Lets talk about some of the politicians from BJP who have been making remarks on Nathuram Godse.

  1. Pragya Thakur, now BJP MP from Bhopal called Gandhi assassin Nathuram Godse as a “patriot”.

  2. Usha Thakur, BJP MLA also had said earlier that “Godse was a nationalist and the circumstances under which he assassinated Gandhi were known to him only”.

  3. Nalin Kumar Kateel, MP from South Kannada had compared Rajeev Gandhi with Godse.

  4. Anant Kumar Hegde, BJP MP from Uttara kannada said “its time to move away and stop being apologetic about it” after Pragya Thakur comments on Godse.

No action was taken against these politicians. On the contrary, three out of four of these politicians are now elected member of parliament.

The tragic irony of the situation is that the person who is admirer of Gandhi might lose her job for her sarcastic tweet while those who openly hate Gandhi and worship Godse are running the show in the temple of democracy.


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