Social Media: Netizens React to the Dramatic Capitol Hill Seige

Netizens the world over found humour to make sense of the bizarre storming of Capitol HIll by White supremacists

Disclaimer: The post is a compilation of posts from social media and is meant only as satire.

The events of the last night in Capitol Hill, Washington had not just Americans but people world over grappling for sense. While many expressed shock and surprise many found refuge in humor and satire to try to understand the unfolding of events that led to the chaos and anarchy the world witnessed.

Indians could find a lot of parallels in the anarchy that we witness here to the country that claims to be the beacon of freedom and democracy. Many found the tweet by PM Narendra Modi especially funny given how his government has been scuttling democracy at home and he is preaching respecting democracy to US.

It was not long before PM Modi got caught in his own trap. Modi government time and again dismissed concerns from outside India as “Interference in our internal matters” be it human Rights issues in Kashmir, Citizenship Amendment Act, or Farmers Protests. Recently Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had recently commented on the brazenly passed farm laws by the Modi cabinet. He was attacked by the Modi government for interfering in India’s internal matter.

2020 was a difficult year with COVID 19 and lockdown in many countries and people were hoping that 2021 will be different and better. Well, it is different..

US: Four Dead, 52 arrested, 15 day emergency after Capitol Hill Violence

US intervention in many third world countries is an open secret. Many of such netizens from the global south took this as a chance to poke fun at the time when the tables were turned.

How police and security handled the Trump supporters many of whom were white supremacists was in stark contrast to how police handled Black lives Matter protesters. An important difference that many memes tried to highlight was the systemic racism in the police force.



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April 2024


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