Social Buzz: Twitter has a joke and you want to hear it

Whats a joke if its not a social commentary.. right? Some might sting. Be ready for the burrrnnn..

Twitter is normally not a place you would go for humor, its mostly used as a platform for celebrities and political parties and leaders to launch campaigns and connect to their followers. Mostly it’s used to make hateful trends, outrage, and a place for invisible trolls to abuse anyone who doesn’t follow their line of thinking.

The latest trend #IHaveAJoke brought a smile on people´s faces and also gave people an excuse to vent out their frustrations amid political crises, lockdown, pandemic and job losses. People did not shy away from cracking jokes on politics, society, husbands, and yes coronavirus. Some might sting. Be ready for the burn..

Whats a joke if its not a social commentary.. right?

check out some of the tweets and make some of your own maybe..

Activists are a serious lot but they can be funny too.. Saket Gokhale is an RTI activist.

Social and gender inequality is a hard reality for half of the world´s population. But we can still take a joke.. on us or you.. depends..

Ouch.. burn…

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Its 2020 and the true colors of journalism is not hidden from anyone. The mainstream media channels have become downright comic from being the lapdog to the establishment.

COVID-19 has made many people work from home and rely on online meetings with their colleagues. Though many enjoy the comfort of home, the online connectivity and issues in bringing everyone online at the same time is still something that needs some streamlining

Which one is your favorite joke?




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