The Government is Intimidating the Supporters of the Farmers’ Movement: SKM

Samkyukta Kisan Morcha has condemned the Income Tax raids unleashed on Tapsee Pannu and others.

Image courtesy: NDTV.Com

Samkyukta Kisan Morcha has condemned the Income Tax raids unleashed on Tapsee Pannu and others. The farmers’ organisation has said that these raids are part of the desperate attempts by the government to intimidate those who are standing with the protesting farmers. For ninety eight consecutive days for today, farmers have been protesting at the four borders of Delhi, demanding for a roll back of the three farm laws. 

Farmers protesting at Singhu, Tikri, Ghazipur and Shahjahanpur borders are also demanding for legalisation of the Minimum Support Price (MSP). 

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The Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, The Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act and The Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, are the three infamous laws passed by the Narendra Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party government at the centre. These laws that do not mention MSP not only give more power to the traders but also prevents farmers from approaching the Court of Law in case of any grievances with traders. Farmers across the country observe this as a determination of the government to privatise agriculture in the country.

The Modi government has been trying its best to silence the farmers and put an end to the ever strengthening farmers’ movement. To begin with the media houses in support of the ruling dispensation propagated a parallel narrative of the movement being politically motivated. Then came the conspiracy theory of the protesting farmers being Khalistanis and then came an international conspiracy theory. The government also started arresting individuals like 22 years old climate activist Disha Ravi for coming out in support of the farmers’ movement. 

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SKM noted that despite these efforts by the government the farmers’ movement is gathering strength. Many international and national celebrities and well known individuals have been lending support to the farmers’ cause. Instead of fulfilling the farmers’ legitimate demands, the government is seeking ways to harass and attack farmers and their supporters. SKM has acknowledged the fearless support by many to the farmers’ movement.



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