Silence of the People of Tamilnadu- Awaiting message to India  

The BJP-AIADMK was able to understand that the 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections will be held on the basis of full money. In some places, money was also paid to voters through G Pay.


Following is the author’s experience from his extensive travels in the Northern part of Tamilnadu.

I traveled to various parts of North Tamil Nadu for the forthcoming Tamil Nadu Assembly elections on May 6, 2021, to know the mood of the people. Similarly, I had conversations with people in Tiruvannamalai and Delta districts. In the districts I have traveled to, Vellore, Tiruvannamalai, Thanjavur, the AIADMK-BJP alliance is in direct competition with the DMK.

Because of this, the constituencies I traveled to were the conscience of the 2021 Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly. The influence of the two parties in power in the center and the state could be clearly understood in the field. At the same time, it was an opportunity to find out what people wanted. where I traveled AIADMK candidate fielded against DMK general secretary Durai Murugan in Katpadi assembly constituency. As well as, In the Tiruvannamalai constituency, the BJP’s Thanigaivel is contesting against DMK candidate E.V Velu.

I had the opportunity to interview ThanigaiVel of the BJP. He said within two more days that the income tax audit would take place at the DMK candidate’s home. That’s what happened.

The BJP was able to realize that it was in the mood to do whatever it wanted to win the election. In most places, they did not go to the election campaign. However, some people kept coming to the houses of BJP-AIADMK candidates every day. They said that we have thousands of people for the campaign. And there are a thousand voters in their area. Money will be given in an envelope after a few minutes of conversation. Those people who buy it will say goodbye from there. The BJP-AIADMK was able to understand that the 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections will be held on the basis of full money. In some places, money was also paid to voters through G Pay.

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I set aside pro-party voters and talked to some of the people. I could see that they were very angry with the BJP government. The BJP has usurped the state rights of Tamil Nadu. The BJP uses Tamil symbols only for elections. The BJP has announced some plans for the development of Tamil Nadu only during the election. It is clear that the BJP cannot enter Tamil Nadu directly, so the BJP enters the elections with the AIADMK in hand. When addressing people from different walks of life, they took up the election objective of the BJP government with every kind of opinion. Only one thing became clear from this conversation. The 2021 Assembly elections are not just an election for Tamil Nadu. People clearly understand that this is a model election for India. The elections held up to this point may have all taken place as a ceremony. But the people have realized that this election is an ideological war to defend Indian democracy. What the AIADMK government and the BJP have told the people in the last 10 years and 7 years of rule. I was able to notice that people had a clear idea of what they were doing. More than this, the people of Tamil Nadu believe that the election in Tamil Nadu will control the power of the BJP.

Therefore, the 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections are an ideological battle. Rulers think of using power to win. Opposition parties are planning to focus on the BJP’s anti-politics for the win. But, People are silent on the politicians who come to them to collect votes. This silence of the people of Tamil Nadu is going to send the biggest message to India.

The author is a journalist based in Tamilnadu. Views are personal


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