Siddharamaiah: Time to follow Gandhi´s path and start a second Independence Movement

The democratic nation has broken down and has taken the shape of a police state.

Ex-Cm and Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah Tests Covid Positive

Karnataka Ex-chief minister Siddaramaiah gives Gandhi´s message of truth and nonviolence on Mahatma Gandhi´s 150th anniversary.

Siddharamaiah in a message on social media reminds the people about the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. He says- “The two main parts of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy are the truth and nonviolence. He wanted to address all the social evils of society and merge the gaps. He believed that poverty is the ugliest form of violence. Our policies were formulated to address this violence manifested by poverty.”

The message was shared on his Facebook account.

Siddharamaiah message on 150th gandhi jayanti

Siddharamaiah expressed concern over the extreme communal atmosphere in the country coupled with the economic crisis the country is pushed into under the Modi led BJP government at the centre. He describes the present state of the country as a “police state” where dissenting voices are being silenced.

The Narendra Modi government has waged a war on those who are fighting against poverty, social injustice, hatred, and intolerance. The democratic nation has broken down and has taken the shape of a police state. There is no transparency in governance and people are left blindfolded with all the lies propagated by BJP.

He adds that such is the state of the country that if Mahatma Gandhi was alive today, he would have started a second independence movement which is a fight against communal hatred, lies, intolerance and systematic atrocities against the weak, which are a direct result of the current political regime.

He wished everyone on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and urged his followers that ” Now in Mahatma´s absence it is our duty to do the same and it is the only way we can pay tribute to great soul on his 150th birth anniversary”.

This year Gandhi Jayanti holds special significance as it marks the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. It is being celebrated all over the country.

Gandhian principles of non-violent resistance and satyagraha resonate more than ever in today´s divisive and violent times. United Nations General Assembly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi announced on 15 June 2007, to celebrate 2 October as the International Day of Non-Violence.


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