Siddaramaiah Criticises Central govt. Rejection of Narayan Guru tableau of Kerala government

The Pinarayi Vijayan government of Kerala had proposed tableau on women safety issue for Republic Day parade to be held in New Delhi


Former Chief Minister and Leader of the Opposition in Karnataka Assembly, Siddaramaiah has expressed his anger over the Union Government for rejecting the tableau on Narayanaguru prepared by Kerala government for the Republic Day parade in New Delhi.

According to the reports, the Kerala government had proposed the Central Government to present a tableau on saint and social reformer Narayanaguru to be part of the Republic Day parade where various other States represent their tableau.

The tableau proposed by Kerala Government was based on the concept of women safety. It contained a large statue of Jatayu, a mythological bird mentioned in Ramayana. It also had a large statue of Narayanaguru.

But the BJP government reportedly had directed the Kerala Government to use the statue of Shankaracharya. But since the Kerala government did not agree to it, the BJP government reportedly rejected the proposal of Kerala government.

“ The decision of the BJP government to reject the tableau of Narayanaguru who is revered as the deity of oppressed classes, clearly depicts the mentality of BJP towards prominent leaders of oppressed classes. What is the reason behind rejecting the tableau of Narayanaguru ?   Was he not associated with Hindu religion ? If the BJP really thinks so, then the party should show guts to express it openly”, he dared.

Continuing to pose questions, Siddaramaiah asked whether Prime Minister, Narendra Modi who is termed as ‘Hindu Hruday Samrat’ ( Ruler of Hindu hearts) by his followers, did not come to his notice of the decision of his own government.

Clearly, the rejection is an insult to Narayan Guru who too was a Hindu leader, Siddaramaiah remarked.

He said that it is appalling that Modi has not reacted even when Narayanaguru has been insulted right under his nose. Since Modi is keeping quiet, then it means Modi too has approval for the insult.

He said that centuries ago Narayanaguru had raised his voice against inhuman practices such as untouchability and many other inhuman practices existed in Hindu religion. He strove for bringing the radical changes in several ill practices present in Hindu religion. What moral right the BJP has to talk on Hindu religion after insulting Narayanaguru? He asked.

He demanded an apology from the Union Government for insulting Narayanaguru. The Government should also accord permission to the tableau of Kerala Government, he urged.

Meanwhile, many people sensing conspiracy in the BJP Government rejected the tableau of Kerala government successively for two years. The Modi government had done the same thing last year also.


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May 2024


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